Journalism, copy, content, communications, PR. I don’t do labels; I do stories. Stories are at the heart of every job I have ever had. The fun is in finding the story and developing it to make an impact on the reader. Formats vary. Maybe the topic and audience are best served with a straight-up news story or blog post. Perhaps an image tells the story better so we create something social to share. Video? Excellent, let’s write a script. It sometimes seems like I’ve had many jobs or different positions but I haven’t. I tell stories. In lots of different ways and to lots of different audiences, but in the end it’s all about the story.

My copywriting experience comes from a range of companies and industries, as both a member of staff and a freelancer. Specifically, I’ve written websites, press releases, brochures, newsletters, articles, social media posts and other marketing material for clients in the design, travel, hospitality, transportation and a range of other industries, thanks to my work at a PR agency. I believe copy is not only an art form but has the power to move people: great copy is goal-orientated, talks to, not at the reader, and is clear, memorable and with a voice. There’s a story involved, and it is simple, relevant, and believable.

I’ve done content work for a variety of websites including design, travel, fitness, social media and language learning. Blogs I have written for mainly center on the travel industry, however also include coffee, design, pets and social media.

My journalism credits include a variety of US, UK and Australian publications and websites, including Christian Science Monitor, New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Business New Europe and Prague In Your Pocket.

Specialties: I write on a variety of topics; but my main expertise is in travel, design, art and architecture. I also have business and education writing experience.

I have a range of experience writing and editing for non-native English speakers, including past work at 3 different language learning organizations and copy editing texts.