The Energizing Power of Light

Preciosa Lighting

Preciosa designs interactive Pearl Drop for the Monaco Yacht Show

Seeing the smile of a loved one. The scent of freshly baked bread. A bird’s song on a spring morning. The first cool lick of an ice cream cone. Our senses bring mundane moments to life; incidents that might have passed by without notice now bring a smile to our faces.

Preciosa is dedicated to connecting people through light. We inspire emotions through our interactive designs that create memorable moments. Installations like Breath of Light in which a person’s breath created a sound and light spectacle or Pearl Wave, a celebration of life’s moments. Carousel of Light uses the magic of motion to immerse people in a revolving circle of glowing light.

For the Monaco Yacht Show 2019, Preciosa is inspired by the transmission of the human touch into light. We spoke with Preciosa Lighting Creative Director Michael Vasku for some insight into what will surely be an electrifying installation.

“Pearl Drop is one of our most popular Signature Designs and we’ve noticed a great interest for it to be installed on yachts,” said Michael Vasku, Creative Director for Preciosa Lighting. “For the Monaco Yacht Show we saw the opportunity to also showcase its ability to be dynamic and interactive. We are looking forward to seeing how guests connect with this energizing light.”

Signature Designs

Preciosa’s Signature Designs feature countless customization possibilities to perfectly fit the owner’s desires. Each one offers unlimited design possibilities including different scales, compositions, colours, materials and surface finishes, construction principles and illumination methods. Pearl Drop can be customized using different materials and suspension and the shape can be designed to the look and purpose of the space. It can be interactive, dynamic or static, depending on the client.

Mr. Vasku and co-creative director Andreas Klug wanted to create an installation that would add not only light but spirit to a space.

“We wanted to provide an emotional level to people’s experience with the light and we felt a tactile addition would be an original element of communication,” Mr. Vasku said.

An Electrifying Touch

Pearl Drop will be shown dynamic and interactive for the first time at the Monaco Yacht Show. Underneath the ribbon of glowing pearls, guests will discover a spare bowl of pearly spheres. Picking one up will set off a chain reaction of light, energizing the installation, brightening the space and creating a memorable moment beneath the pearls.

“The interactivity and dynamism underlines the design approach of Pearl Drop,” said Mr. Vasku. “The path of light demonstrates that this is an open curve, the energy flows from one end of the ribbon of pearls to the other. The logic of the light path underlines the geometry.”

Maritime Ready

Pearl Drop was originally designed for land-based interiors. One of the biggest challenges in designing lighting for yachts is the stability issue. Lights cannot sway or shake so sturdy suspensions must be used. Mr. Vasku said he was pleased with the final look as sometimes the necessary heavy rods can downgrade the design, but that was not the case for Pearl Drop.

“The design allows a lot of freedom for yachts,” said Mr. Vasku. “Horizontally over tables, vertically, in staircases, in addition to as a wall light. It’s a versatile, interesting design, and has the possibility of unifying the design throughout the yacht with light.”