The Diplomat has regality with hip, modern twist

The Prague Post

Hotel has deep roots in Prague’s Dejvice neighborhood

The Diplomat Hotel has towered over the Dejvice area of Prague 6 for what seems like forever. Actually, just since 1990, when it became one of the first newly built four-star hotels following the revolution. Since then, it has soldiered on, continuing to offer a variety of guests an array of services.

“We want everyone to sense a friendly atmosphere, a warm feeling,” says Eliška Frycová, sales and marketing manager for the Diplomat. “It’s a big hotel, but comfortable.”

Big is right. With nearly 400 rooms plus 12 suites, a 1,142-square-meter (12,000-square-foot) conference center plus seven meeting rooms, the Diplomat specializes in quantity. But small touches keep the quality and friendly, warm environment apparent on every floor.

From the large, imposing facade, you enter into a bright, modern lobby. It’s nothing too fancy. The yellow walls paired with marble flooring and reception area are purely functional but set the tone for the rest of the hotel. Lobby seating is efficient, offering low chairs of royal red and blue set around small, round tables. The royal scheme is repeated throughout the hotel, making the color palette bold and comforting.

Off the lobby is the hotel’s combo bar and café, Café Klimt. The bar space is fun and old-fashioned — a semicircle surrounded by round, fabric-covered stools. Liquor bottles line the back wall, making for an enjoyable entrance to the café seating area. Here, blue-and-red chairs coupled with tan-leather couchettes offer plenty of seating for an impromptu meeting or a quick cup of coffee.

At the end of the long room is an intimate space that can be reserved for small functions and meetings. Its book-lined and royal blue walls and cozy tables and chairs are designed for a private, comfortable space.

The Diplomat’s restaurant, CD Club, is located here as well. It’s an elegant space with dark wood-paneled walls, flowered upholstery and crisp linen. Maroon curtains deepen the room’s essence, and a combination of wall lights and floor lamps add the right atmospheric touch.

The second floor is given over to the conference and meeting rooms.

“This is a good space for conferences because of the newly reconstructed meeting spaces and technology,” Frycová points out.

Indeed, each of the rooms is equipped with Internet access, a projector and screen, whiteboard and an electronic navigation system with flat screens, among other things. The rooms can be arranged banquet-, theater- or classroom-style. The foyer space outside the rooms is attractive, too. Large-scale photos of Prague scenes line the hallways. Dark mauve and soft, gold-striped walls compliment the refreshment area, where blue leather chairs with plaid backing surround low tables, offering a perfect space to relax and reflect between meetings. The foyer area is surrounded by windows, as are most of the meeting rooms, giving everyone a break from the harsh fluorescent lighting.

Also on this floor is the Loretta Restaurant. This, too, has been newly upgraded, and offers group meals for a variety of clients. It’s a refreshing space painted in shades of orange and green. What may not sound appealing for a restaurant works well here. The mellow green and red-orange combine for a bold but not appetite-ruining look. Windows cover most of the walls, except for two that are lined with books.

The Diplomat offers three types of rooms: standards, superiors and suites. The standard rooms offer a soft color tone. Mauve and moss greens in a slightly floral pattern adorn the bedding. Wood furnishings and floor and desk lamps with large shades make the rooms feel a little like home.

The superior rooms return to the royal color palette of reds and blues, accented with gold trimming. Darker woods nicely offset the richer shades, as does the cream-colored wallpaper with a raised pattern. The suites also offer this color combo, but with a separate living space. Here, you’ll find fluffy yellow couches and chairs, along with a television and workspace. Connecting all these rooms are bright hallways painted a lemony-lime color that balances the royal blue of the carpeting.

With such a size and so many amenities, a variety of guests can have their needs met.

“For our conference clients, we offer well-equipped meeting space. Our corporate clients like the location — proximity to the airport, but 10 minutes from the center — and our leisure groups know we have plenty of rooms, can arrange group meals at the hotel and have space for buses,” Frycová says. “We are flexible for all types of clients.”