Summer Style

Fast Lane

Hot looks to keep you cool this season

Stripes and pastels for both men and women are what’s being worn this summer. The look is cool, soft and comfortable, perfect for day and evening, city or beach. No matter what your summer plans hold, relaxed yet stylish is how to dress this season.

Gant’s menswear reflects this look, and adds a special nautical twist, especially in its casual line. Colors are everywhere, as well as patterns of stripes and checks. Madras and long shorts can be dressed up or down, for the stylish man who must combine business with pleasure. This is not the season to downplay your style guys; it’s colorful, it’s bold and you will be seen.

Luxury lines are looking more towards refinement, but with touches of playfulness. Clean-cut lines and fitted items are to be found, but colors are more muted; faded blacks, whites and beiges. Materials also feature heavily in the dress line with leather, suede and cashmere suit coats and sweaters. You can relax a bit with your shirts; they’ll still be white, but choose a soft stripe or check pattern to loosen things up. Czech fashion company OP Prostejov Profashion emphasizes the pastels and patterns in its menswear line. Their suit coats top off the look, but keep things stylish with slim silhouettes and tailored cuts. Above all, comfort and easy care are what you want to look for in your summer wardrobe.

Another curious look for summer men is the layered look. This look is great for the guy who doesn’t like to wash and isn’t good at matching. Shorts on top of your swim trunks? Okay! T-shirts over that Rugby shirt? Fine! Accessories include wristbands and ties. Yes, ties. So go all out and create a look that screams YOU!

Women also get to go with the bulky look, but they are required to match a little more. Choose a classic shirt, and top with a floral tank top. Floral patterns are popular this summer, as are all things ’50’s. Dresses will be fun and flattering with fitted tops and flowing skirts. Cardigans will again fit the bill, worn with just about anything. Longer shorts, madras and Bermuda shorts keep the look beachy and fun all summer long.

Women have it lucky; “work” clothes can easily double as “play” outfits. Look for form-fitting skirts paired with a floral top or other mix and match wears. Most fashion lines coordinate their tops and bottoms so you can personalize an outfit to your taste and occasion.

But for those non-play days, Gant’s women’s line emphasizes a refined cosmopolitan look. The look is fitted, muted and elegant; with clothing items mixing and matching well. Narrow khaki slacks, a linen trench coat, pencil skirts and slim line shirts all blend seemingly into a laid-back chic look, perfect for summer days stuck in the office, or more interesting evenings on the town. OP Prostejov Profashion is highlighting cool and comfortable throughout its summer line, but especially in its women’s line. Natural materials combined with a tailored line and pastel colors give this a professionally fresh look.