Staying Fresh

Fast Lane

A fresh scent might be just the key to get you warmed up for the cooler months ahead. For women, “5th avenue after five” by Elizabeth Arden may do the trick. It combines the scents of black plum, honeysuckle, saffron and musk into something the perfume’s creator called “sensuous, but with a strong appeal for any age.” “I approached the raw materials like colors in a painter’s palette and worked to achieve the desired effect that together delivers “5th avenue after five’s” signature: young, bright, contemporary,” says international perfumer Olivier Gillotin, the perfume’s creator.

Not only a new fragrance for men, but also an art object? “Gant Adventure” is described as “where ocean meets the sky.” The fragrance combines the scents of grapefruit, cypress black pepper and water lotus. But its bottle may be better than the scent. It was designed by renowned French glass sculptor Serge Mansau. The translucent sea blue glass may be the perfect addition to other parts of your home.

As the seasons change, so do our skin care needs. It’s important to take care of your skin, no matter what the season, and the upcoming cooler months are sometimes the most difficult for your face. Elizabeth Arden has a line of moisturizers that claim to keep your skin hydrated for 24 hours. To combat the dark circles that seem to appear no matter how much sleep you get, Barbora Zimmermannova from Parfumerie recommends Perpetual Moisture 24 Eye Cream. Not only does it boast 24 hour hydration and prevention of moisture loss, but also targets the dark circles. The cream tightens and tones the skin around the eyes and it contains vitamin C to help brighten the skin to help minimize the look of dark circles.

Light and natural could be used to describe this winter’s make-up trends. “More greens, light make-up and sheer colors with a bronze effect,” recommends Zimmermannova. “It’s a nice combination of greens and pinks.” A variety of greens, browns, burnt red and copper are the best choices for a warm look this winter.