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Three Czech designers share their Fall/Winter collections

Martina Nevarilova’s Fall/Winter collection was inspired by a photographer friend’s recent trip to Cuba.

“I liked his use of colors and tried to combine that, the history of the country and something revolutionary in the collection,” she explains.

Navarila-Design is known for its knitwear and easy care clothing.

“I don’t like to iron and everything can be put in the washing machine,” Nevarilova says about her collections.

The Cuba Libre line features a variety of colors, using black and white as a basis and adding touches of turquoise, light green and chocolate brown, among others.

“I find in Cuba lost freedom,” Nevarilova says. “I think it (the collection) is about nostalgia.”


Timoure Et Group also uses a simple color palette to show off their creativity.

“We used the basic colors; black, white, red, grey and blue,” Alexandra Pavalova says. “This collection uses some of the bases of previous ones, but we added new details like slim trousers and nautical type jackets.”

Timoure’s designs are extremely mix-and-match-able. There’s also a casual elegance about them that allows you easily to go from work to an evening out and onto the weekend.


Ivana Follova works with silk – silk she personally dyes and designs.

“The winter collection features original printed fabrics created for me, with Alaskan photo motives,” she says. “I prefer to work with material specially designed for my brand.”

Follova takes what might seem to be a limiting material and turns it into everything from robes to suits. Silk makes up the base, but velvet, wool and leather can also be found in her designs.