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Treat yourself to a holiday stay in a Czech castle

History, beautiful building and fascinating stories are not to be found only in Prague. The Czech Republic offers an abundance of unique holiday opportunities and summer is a great time to experience them. Hiking in the mountains, exploring Moravian wine regions and visiting charming villages and towns is a great way to get a feel for the country. And why not make it extra unique, but staying in an historic castle or chateau?

Historic buildings all over the country have been transformed into hotels. They are special and offer something an ordinary hotel or pension can’t. You can combine the region and activity of your choice, with an overnight stay in an historic property nearly anywhere in the country.

Helena Kopecka with CzechTourism has many suggestions, depending on what your other interests are. Wine lovers need to head for Moravia.

“Cejkovice in Moravia is an area with many wine cellars,” she recommends. “You can also experience Moravian hospitality, traditions and folklore as well as enjoy UNESCO sites in the area.”

Hotel Zamek Cejkovice dates back to 1248 when the templar knights began building a fortress here. The building passed through a variety of owners and did a stint as a Jesuit monastery before being reconstructed in the 1970’s into a hotel. Cejkovice is the third largest wine-producing town in the country and the chateaux’s wine gallery has the biggest wine collection in the area.

In Hradec nad Moravici, south of Opava, you can stay in luxury at the Hotel Cerveny zamek. Built beginning in the 11th century, the castle complex was originally gothic, rebuilt as a Renaissance and later into a baroque chateau. Outdoor activities abound, including hiking, cycling and fishing. The chateau hosts a number of events in the summer and the surrounding region always has some music or theater festival on tap.

In the beautiful South Bohemian region, Zameky hotel Trest would make a lovely sleeping spot to enjoy the region. North of Telc, Castle Rostejn is in the area which is also supposed to be a hot mushroom picking spot. The renaissance chateau has 24 rooms, 3 suites, four lounges and a dining room.

Also in South Bohemia, just north of Ceske Budejovice, is Hotel Stekl in Hluboka nad Vlatvou. The hotel is adjacent to the Hluboka Castle, and offers many in-house amenities such as a relaxation center, bicycle rental and cultural events. No two rooms are decorated alike, making for an overall unique stay. In addition to the castle, an art gallery, Alsova jihoceska, hosts a permanent exhibition of paintings by Dutch masters and the Ohrada hunting lodge is only two kilometers away.

Heading towards North Bohemia, outdoor enthusiasts love the Bohemian paradise of Cesky raj.

“Hruba skala is in the middle of Bohemian Paradise,” says Kopecka. “This region became a UNESCO geopark last year.”

Chateau Hruba skala is located in Turnov. Born Skaly Castle in 1350, the building has burned to the ground three times, and partially once. The current formation dates back to 1859. Being on a hill had important historic reasonings, however visitors reap the benefits as views of beautiful rock scenery surround you, including the ruins of Trosky Castle.

A bit farther north, nearly to the border with Germany sits Krupka. A variety of activities flourish in the region, and the Hotel Castle Krupka offer music and dancing Saturday nights. This is a peaceful place with beautiful views and quiet surroundings, located near the medieval castle ruins.

Closer to Prague, Kopecka recommends Stirin.

“They have their own 9-hole golf course,” she says. “It’s also close to Konopiste castle and their 36-hole course and castle Cesky Sternberk.”

The Hotel Chateau Stirin started out as a fort in the 15th century. After the Thirty Years War, it was reconstructed into a chateau and later became a three-story baroque residence. A variety of owners throughout the years left their own architectural alterations on the building; from 1985 through 1993, the building was reconstructed to be used as a hotel. Besides golf and castles, excellent biking paths run through the region and the hotel offers bikes to rent.

Take advantage this summer of the Czech Republic’s fascinating history and use it as a base to create an unforgettable holiday!