Music Festival Takes to Prague’s Islands

The New York Times

The islands of Prague will be pulsating with music and pounding with dancing feet during United Islands, a free international music festival that is held on islands in the Vltava River from June 23 to 25.

“United Islands is the biggest musical event in Prague with attendance of about 30,000 people,” said Barbora Subrtova, spokeswoman for the festival. “There will be more than 150 live acts, bands and D.J.’s from more than 20 countries on seven stages and in 20 clubs.”

The free-for-all kicks off on the 23rd, as 20 clubs participate in Club Night 2011, which lasts from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Music fans can choose from rock, jazz, blues, soul, rap, electronica — and everything in between. Ms. Subrtova mentioned several highlights, including the British electronic producers Audio Bullys and the indie rock band Archie Bronson Outfit, as well as the European debut of the Cuban underground punk band Porno Para Ricardo, who will have to play with Czech musicians as not all of the band members received permission to travel.

The remainder of the festival is outdoors, and quite the musical menagerie. Bands from Poland, Israel and Belgium will perform, as will bands from Switzerland and Sweden playing Balkan music.

“Because the festival has no entrance fee, people can freely walk between stages, go home and come back again,” Ms. Subrtova said. “United Islands presents new bands and trends among all music genres so visitors have a unique chance to see interesting and yet not-so-famous bands in a beautiful environment in the historic center of Prague.”