Modest majesty

The Prague Post

New Majestic Plaza offers modern, classical styles

Štepánská street in New Town just got a bit easier to navigate last month when the scaffolding and construction crews finally moved along after three long years of work. What they left behind is a unique combination of history, style and décor, fitted under one roof at the new Hotel Majestic Plaza.

In 2004, Le Investments got the ball rolling with the purchase of two buildings on the site. The one facing Štepánská is a former office building, while the structure behind it, with an entrance off Školská street, used to be an apartment complex. The design saw both buildings completely remodeled with a contemporary, airy courtyard bringing them together. The hotel had its grand opening last month.

The first building, decorated with an Art Deco flare, holds the entrance, lobby, bar and 140 rooms. The second, influenced by elegant, old-fashioned Biedermeier-style furnishings, includes a conference hall, restaurant and 50 guest rooms.

The hotel’s distinctly different styles can be traced to the origins of the two buildings. The one off Školská dates to the 19th century. The one facing Štepánská, on the other hand, is a bit newer. Work on both properties was briefly held up in June 2005 when construction crews unearthed an ancient ceramic goblet and some silver coins in the courtyard, according to Pavla Hubáčková, the hotel’s sales director and manager. As it turns out, Hubáčková notes, the coins were thought to have been minted in Kutná Hora in the mid- to late 15th century.

Despite these historic overtones, Majestic Plaza designers’ light touch makes for a modern, classy feel. At 220 meters, the lobby is a large space. Decorated with basic colors and furnishings, this room truly sets the mood for the rest of the hotel’s interiors.

“It’s the first impression for the client,” Petra Hubáčková, corporate sales manager explains. “You can feel the atmosphere. It’s a cozy place and perfectly designed.”

Italian marble is used throughout the property, and nowhere is it more apparent than in the lobby. Beige, coral and eggshell-colored tiles cover the floor, while burgundy- and cream-leather furniture offers comfy seats to weary travelers and bar patrons. The bar itself is a beautiful example of white marble. The whole area is a well-lit space, thanks mainly to the four huge picture windows facing the front of the building. Further lighting comes from panels lit from behind, which line the walls. These are unique in both design and style. Geometric squares of beige and red add interesting detail and act as replacements for typical ceiling or floor lamps.

The space connecting the two buildings is an attractive combination of inside and outdoor elements. One of the hotel’s restaurants, the Victoria, is here, splitting the space with an outdoor garden with tables and chairs for enjoying a drink or small snack.

The hallway moves guests seamlessly between the two buildings. The back building holds a conference hall, a second restaurant named the Asmera, as well as a Latin American–themed bar, called the Havana Club. There’s a separate entrance off Školská, but it’s only opened for conferences and other prearranged gatherings that take advantage of the back facilities.

People looking for a lovely spot to hold a get-together of any type might want to check out Majestic Plaza’s conference room. While it’s a well-equipped meeting area, the small design touches give it an almost elegant feel. The long narrow space is lined on one side with windows, offering a splash of natural light and nice architectural detail. The ceiling, arched and vaulted, is lovingly painted and the furnishings expertly chosen — gold upholstered chairs paired with individual work spaces resembling old-fashioned school desks. Shades of beige and gold dominate, making it simple enough to host a variety of gatherings.

The Havana Club displays another interesting style altogether. Ultra-modern, it’s located downstairs. The walls are brick-lined, but bright yellow furnishings and unique lighting give the establishment a subterranean feel.

Guest rooms are spilt between the two buildings and come with their own particular look. Manager Hubáčková hopes guests will get a luxury feel and a history of Prague from the variety of styles the Majestic offers.

The front building offers 140 guest rooms spread over seven floors. The highlight is the eight rooms on the top floor that come equipped with a large terrace and expansive views.

“The Majestic Panorama Club [as the rooms are called] offers amazing views of the castle and other historic sites,” Hubáčková says.

The second building is a bit smaller, providing guests with cozier, Biedermeier décor. Here there are 50 guest rooms spread over four floors. The fourth floor, tucked under the roof, has an especially pleasant feel, with wooden eaves and smaller rooms.

“We are looking forward to welcoming our guests,” Petra Hubáčková says. “Here, they’ll feel the atmosphere of classic and historic Prague.”