Health care made easy

The Prague Post

Medicover has been helping foreigners here since 2002

Health insurance is not a topic to be taken lightly. If you are living in a foreign country, acquiring this necessary thing can often be complicated by language barriers and lack of knowledge about the local public healthcare system.

Enter Medicover, a private healthcare provider.

“We are designed to offer health care to large corporations, as well as small companies and individuals,” explains Marcel Toporčák, Medicover’s country manager.

The company is a network of private clinics that provides out-patient care, diagnostics tests and examinations at each of their facilities. They have a four-tiered membership plan that gives cardholders a variety of services and benefits.

Medicover has operated on the Czech market since 2002, but its services stretch across the Central and East European region. In Poland and Romania, for example, the company operates its own pharmacies, ambulances and laboratories — services that will likely be available in the Czech Republic soon.

Currently, Medicover operates healthcare facilities in Prague 4, Brno and just this month opened a 500-square-meter facility in Prague 8. The clinics are one-stop with a full team of medical professionals and all necessary testing done onsite. Medicover not only has general practitioners on staff, but also specialists in more than 20 other medical fields. Another important aspect of their coverage is Medicover’s emphasis on occupational health care.

“Occupational health care [OHC] is a specific medical discipline focused on the work environment, working conditions and health status of employees,” Toporčák notes. “Medicover’s clinics’ business model combined with OHC is an integrated model, which combines the raising of funds for health care and OHC services, the allocation of those funds and the provision of the services.”

Medicover has a designated OHC team headed by a specialist in this field. The OHC team provides preventative medical examinations, assesses working environments and provides staff training.
Toporčák believes it is the combination of a complex health care “under one roof” and their expertise in OHC that makes them unique.

“In Medicover’s integrated delivery system, delivered services can be, and are, closely monitored, and physicians [usually directly employed by Medicover and predominantly through its own facilities] are required to participate in efficient and effective service provisions,” he explains. “Quality is controlled. Modern medicine calls for stricter quality controls and tighter guidelines to treat specific illnesses, and occupational health care requires specific knowledge.”

But it is not just post-illness that Medicover accounts for. The company also has a series of preventive programs. Its “Sports and Healthcare with Medicover” program is designed to ensure their clients stay in the best possible health.

“We see sports and wellness as important complementary activities to health care,” Toporčák says. “Preventive medical care should be followed by additional activities supporting the good physical condition of the population.”

The company has arranged agreements with designated health and fitness centers to allow their clients to take advantage of the recreation center’s facilities.

Expats who secured health coverage from a “home” company may have problems getting access to doctors and facilities here. Medicover has arranged agreements with a number of foreign health insurance companies, so their clients can utilize Medicover’s facilities. Companies include BUPA International, CIGNA Healthcare and Allianz Worldwide Care.

Medicover’s benefits seem endless, and Toporčák ticks them off: “Time savings, continual medical care while avoiding potential duplicities, standards of medical and client care in all Medicover facilities, international coverage, plus the best practice sharing using experience from all countries Medicover is present in.”

Ultimately, Medicover says its goals are to keep clients healthy by offering preventive care, and early detection in a responsive and compassionate manner.