Flowery fun abode

The Prague Post

Iris Congress Hotel blooms in Prague 10

The furnishings and colors that dominate any space can instantly give you a sense of the mood, vibes and other atmospheric conditions the owners would like you to experience.

Iris — a newly opened congress hotel in Prague 10 — thrives on a bright vibe and colorful conditions guaranteed to lighten your mood, thanks, in no small part, to its designer, Martina Resová.

“Resová based the colors and furnishings on Feng Shui,” explains sales director Daniel Řepa. “Everything is arranged so you can feel the energy.”

The energy is most apparent upon entering the lobby. It’s a long wide space with low white ceilings. The walls are painted a pale peach, and the white marble flooring has swirls of the pale orange color as well. Tall woven baskets containing greenery are scattered about. A small couch against the bank of tall windows is the only furniture, which allows for a steady energy flow. The lobby bar is at the far end. A long chocolate-colored couch wraps around the space. Beige floral throw pillows add contrast, and the tables are paired with square chairs in shades of browns and beiges. The feel here is one of quiet sophistication. The windows are the key energy producer. They are tall and front the entire building. A raised outside terrace seats 65 people and is a definite advantage, especially in the summer.

Following a wide corridor at the opposite end of the lobby brings you to the hotel’s restaurant and congress facilities. The restaurant is simple, offering square wood tables with wooden chairs upholstered in red to match. An orange and red floral print colors the walls. Iris’ meeting rooms boast the same long, tall windows as the lobby, flooding the rooms with natural light. The colors used in the room add warmth, even if the day is cloudy — peach chairs, yellow walls and red and orange carpet.

Řepa says the Iris’ primary target is congress visitors, and the hotel has made sure its facilities offer top-notch services and equipment. Guest rooms, by comparison, seem almost stark. Plain white walls are simply decorated with framed black-and-white photographs of Prague scenes, matted in white. Blond-wood furniture rests quietly, so it’s up to the fabrics of the room to awaken the mood. Two color schemes are used. In the “orange” rooms, orange bedding is matched with a fun orange floral motif on the furnishings, curtains and bedspread. The “red” rooms have red bedding combined with a red-leaf pattern.

The hotel is basically built into the new Slavia Arena. Three rooms — one on the third floor and two on the fourth — have “stadium views.” No, not views of the stadium but actual views into it. Like a big TV screen, the rooms’ windows look directly onto the field. The third-floor room is surrounded by seats, offering a very cool glimpse into the stadium and really is the best seat in the house.

Řepa says there are a variety of features that make the new Iris attractive to a range of guests.

“The garden outside, the congress facilities and Slavia Arena,” he lists. “Also there is a shopping center around the corner, connection to the city center is easy and the lobby bar is the most popular. It’s very fun for people.”

With bright natural light combined with uplifting colors and a cool vibe, Iris is one of the most blossoming places to stay in the whole city.