Fit for a king

The Prague Post

Hotel Royal Palace puts a majestic spin on comfort

If you can see a castle when you walk out your front door, you must be in a regal neighborhood. With this in mind, developers took Prague Castle into consideration when designing the new Hotel Royal Palace from top to bottom.

“Our idea was, being so close to the castle, we needed something fit for a castle,” says Zuzana Petráčková, the hotel’s managing director.

The former office building dates back to the 19th century, but the interior was redone in a Belle Époque style. The hotel opened in September, following one year of reconstruction. It’s small — only 36 rooms — and is the first five-star Best Western franchise hotel in Europe.

Sparkling light, courtesy of numerous chandeliers, welcomes you into the compact lobby and reception area. Twinkling glass is everywhere, on the ceiling and in wall-scone form. Pale peach dominates the wall coloring, while black-and-white tile provides a modern look. A sitting nook holds some mauve chairs and a bookshelf. The reception desk is to the right as well, while French windows to your left give a peak into the bar.

The bar’s color scheme is in direct contrast to the coolness of the lobby. The walls are paneled in dark wood. The furnishings are a mix of gold and black. Stripped, low chairs are paired with couches, and there are even some large throne chairs mixed in. Backed stools encircle the small bar. It gives off a masculine, noble feel.

Across the hall is the hotel’s restaurant, Amadeus. Red-and-gold-patterned paper decorates the walls, while red velvet and creamy wood chairs keep the stately look going. Silver candlesticks decorate the table — an elegant departure from the typical flower.

The designers departed from the norm again when it came time to design the lobby toilets.

“The idea was, if someone comes in here, there will be a completely different style,” Petráčková says of the definitely modern look of the lobby’s bathrooms. The men’s features a black-and-silver leaf patterned style, while upon entering the women’s, a face confronts you. A lovely painted woman’s face that is. The sinks are square chunks of Plexiglas, with rectangular silver faucet heads.

Each of the room categories has its own unique style. The presidential suite is obviously the most impressive.

The suite has been designed so that it can either be rented as one large room with a separate bedroom and living area or as two separate suites. The terrace off the bedroom offers a picture-postcard view of Prague Castle. St. Nicholas Cathedral sits to your left, while directly before you lie the beautiful Wallenstein Gardens.

The room is richly decorated in gold, black and cream with purple highlights. The second room favors shades of gold and beige. The terrace here gives a grand view across the Vltava River.

The stairway is strong and square, leading up through the building. Petráčková often finds guests choosing the stairs over the elevator because of the magnificent views offered from the windows on each landing.

The hotel’s deluxe and superior rooms continue with gold highlights but introduce primary colors of red, blue and green. Simple wood furnishings, carved with flowers add to the graceful style.

Throughout the hotel, paintings of Renaissance men, women, children and other scenes framed in heavy gold decorate the walls enhancing the classic look of a royal residence.