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A Slice of Heaven

The Prague Post Sheraton finally opens its Karlovo namesti hotel Like staying at the house of a sophisticated friend with very good taste, the new Sheraton near Karlovo namesti is a pleasing place. “”The designers wanted a warm, welcoming atmosphere,”” says Michaela Karabcová, the hotel’s public relations manager. A 21-month reconstruction of four buildings – previously a… Read more »

The Mussels in Brussels

Fast Lane And other adventures in Belgian cuisine Adventures in Belgian cuisine? Nope, it’s not an oxymoron. The Flanders region of Belgium is home to some of the world’s best restaurants. In fact, the country boasts more Michelin star chefs than France; is much more compact and is probably easier on the wallet than a… Read more »

Skiing in the Czech Republic Strap on those skis! You live in the Czech Republic and are happily surrounded by mountains. While the Alps are tantalizingly close, you can easily spend a spur of the moment weekend on the slopes right in your home country. Cross country fans may be more pleased than downhill skiers, but everyone should find… Read more »

EU Presidency: Delegates Guide to Prague Get the most out of the Czech EU Presidency! Congratulations – you get to go to Prague! The Czech Republic will hold the rotating EU presidency from January to June 2009. Organizers expect about 30,000 delegates, EU ministers, people working in other EU bodies (like the Commission) as well as world leaders to be… Read more »

Bright Dahlia

The Prague Post New ‘design boutique’ hotel opens in Prague 2, offers sleek, modern style When you stay at a hotel that describes itself as “design boutique,” you might feel like you are sleeping in a showroom — designed not for relaxation but, rather, to fulfill an architect’s fantasy. Dahlia Inn in Prague 2 opened… Read more »

Christmas Events in Prague Holiday entertainment options in Prague Tis the season to be of good cheer. No matter what kind of holiday entertainment you are in search of, Prague probably offers it. Go forth and make merry! Christmas Markets While perhaps not as artisan as some of our European neighbors there’s nothing like wandering the stalls of… Read more »

Small town spirit

The Prague Post Get into the holiday mood all over the country December in Prague is lovely. The squares are decorated, and many host Christmas markets, as well. Decorations hang throughout the streets, and, with any luck, snow may fall to cover everything in a clean white glow. If you are looking to explore other… Read more »

Fit for a king

The Prague Post Hotel Royal Palace puts a majestic spin on comfort If you can see a castle when you walk out your front door, you must be in a regal neighborhood. With this in mind, developers took Prague Castle into consideration when designing the new Hotel Royal Palace from top to bottom. “Our idea… Read more »

In Lovely Liguria

Fast Lane Exploring Italy’s northwest coast Italy conjures up a host of sensory images: The smell of fresh pasta; the taste of Chianti; the feel of the sun. Rome, Florence and Venice host the majority of Italian tourists, but to experience Italy a bit slower, and tastier – head to Liguria. “Liguria is a wonderful… Read more »

Parks in Prague It ain’t easy being green. Or looking for some if you live in the city. Fear not intrepid nature lovers – we’ve got a list of Prague forests and other green spaces – easily accessible by public transport. The City of Prague boasts 88 protected areas covering more than 2000 hectares. Twenty percent of… Read more »