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The Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Bratislava: Slovak Art on the Rise

The Culture Trip The Slovak capital is off many people’s radar, but it shouldn’t be. Bratislava offers a compact historic centre, towering hilltop castle and lovely walks along the Danube. Nearly everyone with an artistic bent will find something new to discover, as Bratislava’s cultural life is active and varied with activities ranging from opera… Read more »

Guide to Prague’s Charles Bridge The Charles Bridge is one of the most recognizable and visited sites in the city. Hundreds of tourists cross it every day to experience the history, beauty and views. Lined with craftspeople selling their wares and a few musicians; the atmosphere is lively, if not a bit overwhelming on a crowded summer day. Jacy… Read more »

Prague Cultural Calendar 2013 Prague is a year round destination – even if the weather isn’t so cooperative for strolls through the historic streets or in the parks. Besides a wide range of museums, the city offers an active events calendar – festivals of music, film, theatre and more are held throughout the year. Jacy Meyer brings a… Read more »

Christmas Markets in Prague There’s something atmospheric about Europe’s Christmas markets that put you in the right holiday mood. No more can that spirit be found then in Prague. Jacy Meyer takes us shopping. Prague’s Christmas markets are a bit mixed-up. On the one hand, you have the distinctive architecture from gothic to baroque surrounding your shopping experience…. Read more »

Scenic Views in Prague Hills and spires; towers and overlooks. Prague has enough peaks and valleys to be able to get up high and look down on the red roofs, curving streets and winding river. Jacy Meyer shares some tips on where to go to get the best view from the top. Park Views If the weather is… Read more »

A Walking Guide to Prague Castle A UNESCO World Heritage site and listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest coherent castle complex in the world, seeing Prague Castle is wonderful, albeit sometimes confusing visit. How do you master those 70,000 square metres? Here are a few tips to tackle the hrad (Czech for castle) enjoying its… Read more »

Prague For Free Like many other cities of its size, Prague offers an overwhelming number of things to do. Museums to concerts to tours – it would be a struggle to be bored. If you are looking to explore the city a little more deeply, and cheaply, here are some of the top sites to see, for… Read more »

A Shortcut for Hailing Taxis in European Cities

The New York Times Finding a reliable taxi with a fair price is usually a skill tourists end up mastering only by the time they are on their way out of an unfamiliar city. But now visitors to Europe have a shortcut: a new travel booking service called Cabforce. The company allows users to pay… Read more »

Sipping History in Prague: Top 5 Drinks

Viator Prague’s history is impossible to escape – the architecture alone pushes you back a hundred years or more. When it’s time for a break, day or night, there are a variety of establishments with a special history, a special beverage, or both. Here are five of our favorites. Morning cup of joe with philosophers… Read more »