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Pick up a winter warmer

The Prague Post Furry friends ready for adoption this weekend “If a dog jumps in your lap, it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing, it is because your lap is warmer,” quipped Alfred North Whitehead. If you are in need of a lap-warmer for the cold… Read more »

The Czech EU Presidency An introduction to the European Union Presidency Beginning in January 2009 the Czech Republic will hold the rotating European Union Council Presidency. Delegates from around the EU will be pouring in for meetings and working groups; setting policy and making decisions on behalf of the European Union. will be offering a series of… Read more »

For kids: Theses puppets have strings to hold them up

Christian Science Monitor A studio in Prague, Czech Republic, carries on the art of making marionettes. Do you know the fairy tale of Pinocchio? Before he became a real boy, Pinocchio was a wooden puppet carved by a man named Geppetto. But he wasn’t just any puppet; he was a marionette that could move only… Read more »

A bonanza for shoppers and recyclers

The Prague Post Community yard sale in Prague 3 will benefit school, charities Attention bargain-hunters, shopaholics, secondhand scavengers and anyone else who misses good old-fashioned yard sales: Head to Prague 3 this weekend for a closet-clearing extravaganza. Or do some housecleaning of your own and get ready to wheel and deal. The occasion is the… Read more »

In this beauty contest, the older, the better

The Prague Post Centuries-old trees are top contenders vying for green glamour title Do you have a favorite tree? Now is the time to do something nice for it, as tree-huggers and other nature lovers have the opportunity to participate in the Tree of the Year competition sponsored by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation’s (Nadace… Read more »

Environmentally Aware Your guide to environmental organizations in the Czech Republic Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Go Green! Hug a tree! Environmental slogans abound – but what’s the state of the environment in the Czech Republic, and more importantly how can you reduce your carbon footprint and lead a cleaner, greener lifestyle? We’ve all seen them on our… Read more »

Used Bookstores (Antikvariáty) Digging Through History: A look at fun Antikvariát finds I’m having a hard time translating Antikvariát. I guess you could say “used bookstore” but that doesn’t sound like enough. A true Antikvariát is filled with old and secondhand paper products of all sorts – postcards, stamps, maps, drawings and illustrations, in addition to books…. Read more »

A furry exhibition

The Prague Post Spring show offers 150 feline friends for adoption Looking to add a warm and fuzzy family member to your household? Want to help a nonprofit organization dedicated to placing unwanted animals? Or maybe you’re just a cat lover. If any or all of these apply, Kocky-online’s Spring Cat Exhibition is for you…. Read more »

Who says Czech scientists have a drinking problem?

The Prague Post Researcher finds that his Bohemian colleagues drink more and publish less For those of us from the United States, drug and alcohol testing in the workplace is the norm. New arrivals to the Czech Republic may be surprised at the seemingly free-flowing alcohol in the office and the amount of drinking that… Read more »


The Prague Post In north Bohemia, one of Europe’s toughest dog sled races Gentleman, start your dogs! Well, maybe that’s not how this competition will begin. But there’s going to be some exciting racing next week in the Orlické Mountains near Deštné, as the 12th annual Šediváckuv Long dog sled race offers thrills for mushers… Read more »