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Out of Czech farmland, a Buddhist temple grows

Christian Science Monitor Twenty years after the fall of communism, Czechs are continuing to open up to the world. In the former Soviet satellite’s southern countryside, a Buddhist temple is being built on an old farm. Since the fall of Communism, Czechs have been discovering the world through travel and the exploration of new ideas,… Read more »

PIM Marathon Weekend 2010 PIM offers something for everyone; non-runners included One of Prague’s largest events races through town this weekend and many people often dismiss it as nothing for them. The Prague International Marathon is celebrating its 15th anniversary, and the weekend will be jam packed with a variety of activities for just about everyone; athletic or… Read more »

Everybody is working the weekend, by choice

The Prague Post Volunteer program seeks to help NGOs, build international connections It’s a Friday evening, and about 20 people are gathered around a food-laden table. Questions fill the air: “Where are you from? What do you do? Why are you here?” The location isn’t a pub though. It’s a Buddhist Center near Ceské Budejovice,… Read more »

Buying Some Peace of Mind

The Prague Post Insurance company spokesperson says sometimes what you don’t know can hurt you Whether you want coverage for your health, your family’s security or just to ensure you enjoy your golden years, insurance is an important part of everyone’s portfolio. Marek Zeman, the director of PR and communication for AXA Czech Republic and… Read more »

The Sport of Strings

The Prague Post After more than 50 years, the European Yo-Yo Championships are back In a sport with ups and downs, things are definitely on the upswing. For the first time in 57 years, there will be a European Yo-Yo Championships, and the news gets even better, as the event is in Prague. Organized by… Read more »

ODS in total control of City Council

The Prague Post Resignations put ODS in full command as the accusations fly Prague City Council is now under the complete control of the Civic Democrats (ODS) after two council members resigned claiming the council is ignoring potential corruption, is noncooperative, tolerates strong-arm tactics by powerful department heads and indulges in political favoritism. The ODS… Read more »

The austerity Christmas

The Prague Post No bonus this year? The burdens of holiday shopping and economic crisis getting you down? Try one of these gifts for under 1,000 Kc Simple, but thoughtful. We always want to give gifts that show friends and family how much we care. But, with the economic crisis still looming large, and perhaps… Read more »

Bazaar puts global twist on holiday gifts

The Prague Post Diplomatic Spouses’ Association donates annual proceeds to charities   For an international twist on gift giving, hit the popular Diplomatic Spouses’ Association (DSA) annual International Christmas Bazaar Dec. 13. Now in its ninth year at the Hilton Prague hotel, the event gives you a chance to pick up some global goodies while… Read more »

Walking tour traces Czech Velvet Revolution against Communism

Christian Science Monitor A student march started the ‘Velvet Revolution’ in Prague, Czech Republic, 20 years ago against communist leadership. “I wasn’t nervous, but curious, and I was proud of so many people.” So begins a walking tour with Vladimir Hanzel, following the route of the historic students’ march in Prague on Nov. 17, 1989,… Read more »