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Central Europe gets a facelift

European Daily Taking pride in your neighbourhood and encouraging positive development that attracts investment are worthy goals most people would agree with. But cities throughout Europe often struggle with the sometimes dirty word ‘gentrification’. How to keep a city’s soul while revitalising rundown areas? Dr Barbara Schönig is a professor for urban planning at Bauhaus… Read more »

Yes, Employers Mind the Gap in Journalism Education

European Journalism Centre In Czech Republic, experienced journalists often cringe when asked to train new colleagues. Jan Stejskal has worked for the Czech Press Agency (CTK) for 37 years. He’s been in management, had foreign correspondent stints in Moscow, New York and Kabul and is currently working the foreign desk. When someone new joins the… Read more »

UN condemns ‘baby boxes’ across Europe

Christian Science Monitor The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child is pushing to abolish baby ‘boxes’ where mothers can legally abandon unwanted babies. Social workers argue otherwise. In numerous European countries, baby hatches or “boxes” allow mothers to safely and anonymously abandon unwanted newborns. But now, the UN Committee on the Rights of… Read more »

Viva la Villa!

Czech Position Prague’s early 20th century architects produced some fine homes When it comes to architectural discussions in Prague, today it often seems to be a bitter battle of words from preservationists versus developers. Hearken back to the “golden” days of Czech architecture when art nouveau dominated at the beginning of the 20th century (think… Read more »

Pirate parties agree on joint campaign for EU elections

Business New Europe With a name like the Pirate Party, one doesn’t expect much in the way of serious politics. But addressing issues ranging from transparency in government to corruption, the Pirate Party is actually a solid, growing international movement that has big plans for Europe. The Pirate Party International (PPI) General Assembly was held… Read more »

Waiting to be saved: the state of Prague’s train stations

Czech Position Organizers hope to show revitalizing train stations will enliven Prague neighborhoods while preserving some Czech architectural gems As a place people go to leave town, or welcome someone home, train stations are still often filled with romance and nostalgia. Typically built in enviable areas of town and to a standard politicians of the… Read more »

‘Anastomosis’: urban hook-ups in Prague

Czech Position Dox show highlights efforts to connect Prague; ‘Anastomosis’ presents 65 designs for regenerating urban structures in four districts Standing in front of Prague’s market in Holešovice, if you had a really strong arm, you could throw a rock across the Vltava River and hit Karlín. If you want to get there, however, it’s… Read more »

Euro Yo-Yo Championships return to Prague

Czech Position Way beyond ‘walking the dog’ and flashy tricks, choreography and creativity all come into play in competitive yo-yoing With a vocabulary manual that defines clutch return, fixed axle and friction and requires the ability to do tricks like “shoot the moon,” “three-leaf clover” and “the flying saucer,” this is one competition that comes… Read more »

Cooking up funds for charity

Czech Position Czech chefs participate in global fundraising cooking event World Chefs Tour Against Hunger Last month, lucky residents of Johannesburg, Cape Town and other South African cities got to sample cuisine from Thailand, Russia and Saudi Arabia, plus more than 40 other countries all in the name of charity. The World Chefs Tour Against… Read more »

Czech puppetry tradition comes with strings attached

Christian Science Monitor Bins of body parts are stacked in Miroslav Trejtnar’s Prague studio. Three heads line his workbench. A smell of wood permeates the air. “I don’t get so many requests to make puppets nowadays,” says Mr. Trejtnar, a traditional Czech puppetmaker. “I always made puppets for myself and others, but now I am… Read more »