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Why Czech Matters

A new app is helping non-Czech speakers understand ten, ta, to Ten, Ta, To…Do, Re, Mi…If you aren’t studying Czech, those sets of letters may be interchangeable for you – or at least the first three a bunch of nonsense. If you are a student of Czech, you might be grimacing your teeth. ‘Ten, ta,… Read more »

The Story of the Veletržní Palace The ornate Art Nouveau Obecní dum, the curvaceous Dancing House, even the angular Cubist House at the Black Madonna tend to outshine the bulking functionalist hulk of Veletržní Palace in Prague’s architectural timeline. Since 1995 the National Gallery has displayed modern and contemporary art in this soaring space; now the building’s fascinating past and… Read more »

Lose Your Memory Card “No, Canon only makes digital cameras and we only sell analogue,” Radovan Pavlišta, owner of the Analogue camera shop and gallery in Malá Strana tells the person on the phone. “Do you have to give that answer a lot?” I query. “No,” he replies. “The most popular is people coming in to ask if… Read more »

Dinner of Champions Running through the landscape of Kenya is radically different than the old streets of Prague, the high rises of London, or the cosmopolitan avenues of Melbourne. But whatever it is professional long-distance runner Joyce Chepkirui does in Kenya has paid off in these cities and more. At the recent Prague Half Marathon held in… Read more »

The Wheel Deal: Prague’s First Roller Derby Team “Two years ago, my friends invited me to a movie, it was called Whip It. After 10 minutes I turned to my friends and said I have to do this.” Great ideas can happen anywhere; in Prague inspiration often strikes in a pub (that comes later in this story). But for the Prague City… Read more »

From Prague to Siberia: The Gulag Project Over the course of three expeditions to Siberia, Štepán Cernoušek and his teams have been documenting camps in the Russian gulag system. Specifically, they’ve visited ones that provided labor force for the almost 1500 km long transpolar Salekhard-Igarka railway construction complex which was abandoned after the death of Stalin in March 1953. In dozens… Read more »

Float On, Bliss Out at New River Sauna A nice steamy sit followed by a jump in the Vltava. Sounds like a good way to spend a winter evening, right? Lázne na lodi (Spa on a Boat) is now open for your sweating pleasure. “This is our second season and we doubled in size based on good feedback from last year,” said… Read more »

Journalists Shrug Off President’s Inaugural Insults

European Journalism Centre Pledging to fight ‘godfather mafias’ and ‘neo-Nazis’ was part of new Czech President Milos Zeman’s inauguration speech in March. The first Czech president to be directly elected by the people, he spoke of ‘three islands of negative deviation’ in his speech. The third? ‘A sizeable portion of Czech media’ that ‘focuses on… Read more »

Is there a demand for good news?

European Journalism Centre I recall overhearing a newsroom debate on death counts as two colleagues prioritised stories for that day’s paper. “Only 2?” one of them said. “Nah, we need something better.” How unfortunate for the poor editor that not enough people had died that day for him to have a juicy lead. Readers too… Read more »

EU Editors Avoid Russian History With Sceptical Approach to Unpublish Requests

European Journalism Centre When a reporter or editor makes a mistake, most newsgathering organisations quickly issue a correction – both online and in print. But what happens when the error is not the result of the reporter or editor’s work, but regret on the part of a source? How would your publication react to the… Read more »