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Spirtual stretch

The Prague Post Yoga provides strength while exercising your mind, body and soul In today’s hectic world, finding time to relax, much less exercise, is often a difficult task. Work and family commitments often take chunks from our day before we even have time to schedule a coffee break. For those looking to balance mind… Read more »

Back to health

The Prague Post Newly opened facility in Prague 1 puts focus on strength training You sit at the computer all day, hunched over. You’re mildly active — does running to catch the tram count? Your neck is stiff and your lower back aches. Sound familiar? You may need some strength training. “Strength training is good… Read more »

Alternative Medicine in Prague You’re antibiotic’d out; you’ve tried every pain pill known to man and still you aren’t getting better. Maybe it’s time to look into alternative medicine. What used to be considered “quack” science is becoming more and more accepted around the world. Whether you call it natural, holistic or alternative; acupuncture, Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy, Ayurveda… Read more »

Clearing away the smoke

The Prague Post Health, politics, economic concerns play into talks of a smoking ban At the start of the new year, France and parts of Germany became the latest to join the smoking-ban trend that has recently swept through the European Union. Many new member countries, however, seem reluctant to sign on, including the Czech… Read more »

Healthy choice

The Prague Post Country launches organic food campaign Many people are choosing to go organic when they reach for a certain fruit, vegetable or even bakery product. Reasons vary — some go green because of food allergies or to avoid unnecessary chemicals in their diet, while others want to support local economies and farmers. And… Read more »

Surface deep

The Prague Post New makeup school offers chance to revive your look Bright lights illuminate the room and palettes of color line the counters. An array of brushes is present, as are books and magazines for inspiration. An artist’s studio? Not quite, but pretty close, if one can consider a face a canvas and cosmetics… Read more »

A cure for what ails you

Lifestyles Magazine European spas offer healing, relaxation Spaa-aaah! The word alone can make you sigh with pleasure, as you imagine spending a week or more being pampered and indulged. The Czech Republic is ideally situated to take advantage of the myriad of spas all over Europe. The offerings and locations are unique to each spa… Read more »

Experts offer advice on staying healthy for summer

The Prague Post Common problems are easily avoided with preventive measures Summer brings a wealth of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the warm weather and long days. Unfortunately, along with all that fun can come some not-so-fun health problems. Too much sun, not enough water, bugs: There’s a long list of things that can… Read more »