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A Run of a Different Color Need something to brighten up your month? Active sorts looking for something different to do should mark May 23 in your diaries. The 2nd annual Get Rainbowed run is waiting. “The idea comes from other similar races held around the world and the Indian festival of Holi,” said Jakub Havlíček, spokesperson for the Rainbow… Read more »

Want a Great Shape? Get Out of the Gym! These days in Prague, getting fit means anything but the traditional workout “Most people exercise cause they want to look better naked.” (We’ll credit that quote later). Maybe nudity is your motivation, maybe you are looking for a new way to sweat or perhaps you just need a work out change—no matter the reason… Read more »

Working Magic

The Prague Post Author J.K. Rowling’s charity helps Czech and Moldovan children in need A disturbing photo of a 5-year-old Czech child in a caged bed that appeared in the UK newspaper The Sunday Times in 2004 brought the Czech institutional childcare system under intense scrutiny. Author J.K. Rowling saw the photo and was horrified,… Read more »

Aid for doctors

The Prague Post Group wants better conditions for recent graduates so fewer will leave to work abroad Long hours, low pay and the inability to choose their workplace are just a few of the reasons more and more young Czech doctors are leaving to work in other countries, where they believe conditions are better. Frustrated… Read more »

Beyond Lamaze

The Prague Post Women’s center takes holistic approach to birth preparation In a large room, women lay on the floor working their stomach muscles and breathing deeply: a typical Pilates class. In a second room, the floor is covered with infants laying on blankets, their exercise limited to grasping at toys and cooing. Such is… Read more »

Yoga & Pilates in Prague Whether your body could use a little more flexibility, you are looking to tighten and firm some muscles, or perhaps you are looking to connect with your spiritual self, taking a yoga or Pilates class may benefit you. We look at the variety of options in Prague. Most people are familiar with the basic… Read more »

Save a life, give blood

The Prague Post Red Cross has donation centers across Prague Looking for a cheap and easy way to help someone in need? Give blood. It doesn’t cost you a thing, and you most likely have some to spare. The Czech Republic Red Cross will be more than happy to accept your donation at one of… Read more »

Genetic makeup

The Prague Post DNA testing is wave of the future DNA testing is on the rise here, as more and more people are opting to take a closer look at their genetic makeup, including familial ties and diseases. While most private genetic labs still cite paternity tests as the most popular, they also note a… Read more »

Health care made easy

The Prague Post Medicover has been helping foreigners here since 2002 Health insurance is not a topic to be taken lightly. If you are living in a foreign country, acquiring this necessary thing can often be complicated by language barriers and lack of knowledge about the local public healthcare system. Enter Medicover, a private healthcare… Read more »

Energetic healing

The Prague Post Biotherapy promotes good energy flow, provides temporary relief Rufus Duffin and Elena Yamaeva are at a loss. Their son, Logan, suffers from a rare genetic disease that is slowly eating away at his cells and causing irreversible nerve damage to his tiny body. There is no cure, no known medical treatment, and… Read more »