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In vino (Bohemicus) veritas. But is Beaujolais better?

Czech Position New wine, old debate; Czech Svatomartinské takes on French Beaujolais Nouveau at rival wine-tasting events this month Ultimately, it’s a matter of taste, yet remains an endless topic of discussion in local wine-tasting circles: Beaujolais Nouveau or Svatomartinské — is the French wine truly superior to the Czech equivalent, or have we just… Read more »

In a country of beer lovers, this group takes the keg

Czech Position Pilsner Urquell hosts the Int’l Master Bartender Awards, where top talents compete to pour the perfect Czech pint, and more “I’m like a kid in a candy shop.” “If you don’t know the history, you know nothing.” “It was the best thing I’ve ever seen.” Statements from three people obviously giddy about something…. Read more »

Greening the Cuppa

Czech Position The Czech Green Party’s (SZ) spokesman opened the Sicily café in hopes of creating a ‘green hub’ and raising some dough for the cause A place to meet, either for business or pleasure, relax with friends, bring your children … or fund a political party. Everyone’s vision for opening a café is different,… Read more »

Beer Culture

The Prague Post Bartending contest draws competitors from across the globe, produces hometown winner It all came down to the quest for the perfect pour at the International Master Bartender Awards 2010 in Prague Oct. 14-15, and perhaps a little home-field advantage. Dexterous bartenders from 17 countries landed in the city, toured the famous brewery… Read more »

Chance to taste and touch all things tea

The Prague Post Vyšehrad hosts festival showcasing the world’s second most popular drink “A spot of tea” takes on a whole new meaning at the annual ČajoMír Fest (Tea Peace Fest) Aug. 21 at Vyšehrad. Music, dancing, art, workshops and more are all centered on celebrating the world’s second most popular drink (water is the… Read more »

Become a sommelier this summer

The Prague Post Moravian wines are unique and accessible, even if you only know red from white Summer is here, and if your plans call for entertaining, you’ll be looking to surprise your guests with a lovely buffet of food and drink. Wine is usually a good choice: Most people like it, and there are… Read more »

Wine Bars in Prague From chic to cheap, goes looking for the grapes “Wine is bottled poetry,” said Robert Louis Stevenson. For those who enjoy a nice glass, perhaps with some cheese and definitely with friends there are a variety of wine bars all over pivo-obsessed Prague. Czech wines have been coming in to their own in… Read more »

Prague: 6 Vegetarian Restaurants

EuroCheapo In the land of pork and dumplings, it’s often hard for vegetarians or anyone looking for a vegetable with their meal to find something acceptable to their palate. Never fear veg-heads, EuroCheapo bring you a round-up of some of the best vegetarian restaurants in Prague. Lehká Hlava Borsov 2, New Town – Prague 1… Read more »

Choosing Wine in Prague Red or white? It´s a simple question, but the answer is fraught with difficulties. Wine experiences in Prague can be quite horrendous with quality often dubious and a typical choice varying wildly from place to place and bottle to bottle. To help solve some of the mystery behind choosing that perfect bottle, we consulted… Read more »