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Czech Chefs Look to the Past to Shape the Future “It’s not easy to describe Czech food because to be honest there’s nothing like Czech cuisine,” Oldrich Sahajdak, head chef at La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise in Prague said. “There’s mid-European cuisine, these countries surrounding us influence us very much. Many people think our national dish is roasted pork, sauerkraut and dumplings, but the Germans… Read more »

Scottsdale’s 10 Best Cultural Restaurants: Fine Food and Local Eats in Arizona

The Culture Trip Scottsdale, a city famous for its western charm, is part of the Valley of the Sun metropolitan area. From the pedestrians-only old town area to the modern South Bridge, Scottsdale is making a name for itself as a destination for holidaymakers, golf lovers and foodies. We explore ten of the best places… Read more »

The Best Cultural Restaurants in Bratislava: The Wonders of Slovak Cuisine

The Culture Trip Hearty Slovak cuisine, with its emphasis on meat and potatoes, is not represented around the world in many fine-dining establishments. Typical dishes include pork and dumplings with a thick sauce and the national dish is bryndzové halušky, gnocchi-style potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon. Soup, like the favoruite kapustnica, is a… Read more »

Delectable Prague – Eating Like a Local From delectable ethnic eats to high-end restaurants, Prague is teeming with exciting dining options. Jacy Meyer tastes her way around the Czech capital and finds local dishes and venues that are sure to satisfy any palate. Food is the great equalizer – everyone eats. When visiting a new country, curious travellers seek out opportunities… Read more »

Sipping History in Prague: Top 5 Drinks

Viator Prague’s history is impossible to escape – the architecture alone pushes you back a hundred years or more. When it’s time for a break, day or night, there are a variety of establishments with a special history, a special beverage, or both. Here are five of our favorites. Morning cup of joe with philosophers… Read more »

Dobrá chuť!

Czech Position Prague Food Festival is back for a weekend of good eating and reduced prices at dozens of choice restaurants Noshing your way around the gardens below Prague Castle; trying tidbits of food from the country’s best restaurants – add it to your to-do list for this weekend. The Prague Food Festival, now in… Read more »

In Prague, dumplings that say ‘Mom’

Christian Science Monitor Petr Kosiner owns the Czech Republic’s first homemade dumpling shop. He hopes to change the misconception that “store-bought” can’t compare to homemade for one of the country’s staple side dishes. “Since I’ve started making my own dumplings, I don’t buy them anymore,” said Zdenek Snajder, a Prague resident. “I can alter the… Read more »

Knedlík: Ode to the Czech dumpling

Czech Position The deceptively unassuming dumpling is a pearl of Czech cuisine, and a new generation of chefs have risen to the challenge A country’s national dish is a source of pride. Italians with their pasta, Japanese with their sushi … and the Czechs with their knedlíky, or dumplings. This sometimes soggy, occasionally unappetizing looking… Read more »

A little bit of Central Asia in Prague

The Christian Science Monitor A Czech company is simultaneously building a business and helping migrants by hiring Central Asian migrants to cook their homelands’ dishes. Ethnocatering, a Prague catering company founded by migrant women in 2006, is preparing Afghan, Georgian, and Armenian meals for conferences and events for banks, accounting firms, government ministries, and others…. Read more »