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Bundle up in Burberry

Fast Lane British retailer opens new shop in Prague That iconic check pattern of black, white, tan and red will be spotted a little more around Prague this fall. The reason? The opening of a new Burberry store on Paříška Street last March. It quietly snuck into the fashionable street, and is happily offering the… Read more »

Ornamental Beauty

Fast Lane Cartier Comes to Prague King Edward VII described it as “Jeweler of kings, king of jewelers” and ordered 27 tiaras from them for his coronation. For actress Elizabeth Taylor’s 40th birthday, fellow actor Richard Burton gave her a diamond of nearly 70 carats made by these artisans. Now the jeweler of royalty and… Read more »

Fashion Forward

Fast Lane A new group effort aims at putting Czech designers on the map Quick! Name a Czech fashion designer! Stumped? You aren’t alone. While names like Versace, Hugo Boss and Vera Wang spring into mind, Czech fashion hasn’t quite made it to the ranks of Milan, Paris or New York. But a small, dedicated… Read more »

Summer Style

Fast Lane Hot looks to keep you cool this season Stripes and pastels for both men and women are what’s being worn this summer. The look is cool, soft and comfortable, perfect for day and evening, city or beach. No matter what your summer plans hold, relaxed yet stylish is how to dress this season…. Read more »