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Tokyobikes Capture “Spirit of Karlín” “We aren’t opening a bike store, it’s a lifestyle.” This April in Karlín will be the start of what Urbane co-owner Václav Stránský hopes will be a lifestyle movement in Prague. “London, Berlin, everyone has a personal style,” he said. “But Prague is missing this. It’s a charming city, but there’s a lack of… Read more »

A First For Lovers of Vintage For shoppers, markets are a dream. Lots of sellers with specialty items (clothes, books, food, you name it) huddled together in one space at the same time. Popping in to see what’s new or fresh can be an event, especially if you are visiting some place new. London’s Alfie’s Antique Market was the inspiration… Read more »

Folk Is the New Fabulous “It’s a story – almost all our clothes have a story.” That’s Lucia Brinzanik talking about FolkLove. FolkLove isn’t some museum exhibition or history book. It’s a shop sharing and promoting something old that has now become new again – yep, folk has gone fashionable. “It’s our history, it’s in us, but nowadays, people… Read more »

Contemporary Belgian Design: The 10 Best Designers from Belgium

The Culture Trip Belgium may be a small country, but the city of Antwerp is a well-known hotbed for fashion, while Brussels is a cosmopolitan city filled with designer studios and shops around Sablon and Avenue Louise. Belgian designers are active on the fashion, product and industrial design scenes, introducing innovative solutions to considerations such… Read more »

Code:Mode – put your fashion foot forward

Česká Pozice If your spring wardrobe could use a little freshening, if you are looking for a glimpse into the Czech fashion scene, or if you wish to see some freestyle circus or take part in a juggling workshop, then this weekend was custom-designed for you. Code:Mode, typically a weekend for fashion designers to presents… Read more »

A night out in Prague, in the early 20th Century

Česká Pozice Fashion as an art form has often been displayed at Prague’s Decorative Arts Museum. Now organizers are taking a step back to look at the fashion houses that produced such couture from 1900-1948. “Over the past ten years we’ve prepared many exhibitions surrounding fashion, specifically Czech fashion pre-World War I and pre-World War… Read more »

At Designblok, High Design Comes to Prague

New York Times What used to be limited to fashion and interior decoration, now encompasses everything from cars to cuisine. High design is everywhere, and in Prague it’s celebrated annually at Designblok, running this year from Oct. 4 to 9. Over the course of the weeklong festival, manufacturers, retailers, studios and designers come together to… Read more »