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Love without borders

The Prague Post Wedding planner shares quandaries and joys of bringing cultures together Throwing the bouquet, cutting the cake, the best man’s speech – time-honored customs like these make weddings one of the most prescribed events in any society. Each culture has its own traditions rich with meaning and symbolism for the newlyweds and their… Read more »

Bank Comparisons – 2008 Update (Editor’s note: this is an October, 2008 update of previous articles written by Jason Pirodsky in 2005 and 2006. You can view those outdated articles here and here.) Banks these days. With the credit crunch, mortgage crisis and national bailouts – who really wants to put their money in the hands of the “professionals?” If out of necessity you need to move… Read more »

Opencard New Prague city card for public transport; parking Prague residents, especially those who have long-term transport passes, will want to investigate the city’s new Opencard ( ) program. This is a “smart card” which allows holders to pay for parking in Prague 1, use the resources at the municipal libraries, and most important, as… Read more »

Tips on how to secure a trade license Top tips on securing a Czech Trade Licence One option for people wanting to work in the Czech Republic is to get a trade license or Živnostenský list. The definition of “trading” here means you are carrying on an activity (work,) doing it independently, in your own name with the purpose of making a… Read more »

Czech Republic Residence Permits Liking it here, are ya? Think you may want to stay for a bit longer than your tourist visa allows, and want to do it legally? Congratulations – you are now in for a fun process called Getting Your Long Term Visa! Please note, this article is about getting your first visa. Much of… Read more »

The Schengen Situation What the Schengen agreement means for foreign residents in the Czech Republic Schengen. Those two syllables can strike fear and confusion in the hearts of many a non-EU expat. When the Czech Republic joined this “borderless Europe” zone in December 2007, it caused mass panic amongst non-legal expats, and even some legal ones as… Read more »

Environmentally Aware Your guide to environmental organizations in the Czech Republic Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Go Green! Hug a tree! Environmental slogans abound – but what’s the state of the environment in the Czech Republic, and more importantly how can you reduce your carbon footprint and lead a cleaner, greener lifestyle? We’ve all seen them on our… Read more »

Voting Abroad Donkey or Elephant: Information for Americans on how to vote absentee Stand up and be counted! This November, the 4th to be precise, the United States will be holding an election for their next president. With the country’s future on the line for at least the next four years, Americans would do well to… Read more »