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The new frontier

The Prague Post Digital projecting technology opens possibilities for stargazers at Prague Planetarium Sitting in a cushy blue chair, you see the night sky displayed before you as large as life. The Milky Way cuts across the expanse, and planets zoom in and out to meet your eye. You aren’t a space tourist, just on… Read more »

Prague Books’s recommended reading on Prague and the Czech Republic It’s time to broaden our minds and our libraries. Specifically with books on Prague and the Czech Republic. The history and culture of this amazing country is rich and varied; and an in-depth exploration of it is a rewarding pursuit. We perused the shelves of… Read more »

Jewish Museum project making the unknown known

The Prague Post Archive photos are used to identify Holocaust victims, family and friends Their faces smile at you in black and white, their 1940s hair and clothing styles apparent. The formal portraits are reminiscent of what you might find in a church directory; but these pictures have a darker history. The Jewish Museum has… Read more »

A night at the Opera Ball

The Prague Post In a sumptuous setting, a reprise of a proud Prague tradition Well-appointed men in black ties. Beautiful woman in designer gowns. The gorgeous interior of the State Opera House. And a disco. Yep, the Prague Opera Ball, back after a 13-year hiatus, promises to be truly a night to remember. “Some people… Read more »

Bohemian bling

The Prague Post At Prague Castle, a rare look at a glittery cultural treasure For just the second time this century, the Bohemian Crown Jewels are coming out for public viewing. “The tradition is that the crown jewels are only displayed during times of great festivities,” says František Kadlec, director of the department of tourism… Read more »


The Prague Post For six days, revelry rules in Prague “No one can really tell who you are under the mask. You can afford to do things, of course within the bounds of propriety, you would not normally do.” So says Katerina Matásková, Bohemian Carnevale’s director of communications and marketing, and she’s absolutely right. Carnevale… Read more »

Shopping for unique holiday gifts

The Prague Post Antique Fair offers jewelry and other vintage collectibles Is it a gallery show or a shopping spree? Either way, the 20th Antique Fair sponsored by the Association of Antique Dealers of the Czech Republic (AAD) offers an excellent opportunity to view antiques and, if one particularly strikes your fancy, to bring it… Read more »

The literary world pays a visit to Prague

The Prague Post German-speaking authors featured at book fair this year Bibliophiles, it’s your time of year. Head up to the Prague Exhibition Grounds this weekend for the 13th annual BookWorld Prague, the international book and literary fair. Thousands of books will be on display, with some accompanied by their authors. “We play an important… Read more »

Classes tap enthusiasm for Baroque

The Prague Post French instructors make inaugural visit to Prague Baroque music continues to blossom in Prague with a visit this week from instructors of the esteemed Académie Internationale de Sablé, a French institute that specializes in teaching early music and historical dance. In cooperation with Prague’s Collegium Marianum, they will be teaching about 70… Read more »

Break out the ball gowns, the season is under way

The Prague Post The Slovak Ball celebrates a special cultural relationship While most people associate the ball season with Vienna and its famous social events, this stylish series of soirees is popular in the Czech Republic as well. One of the most well-known is the Slovak Ball, being held this weekend at Žofín. “The Slovak… Read more »