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Why Czech Matters

A new app is helping non-Czech speakers understand ten, ta, to Ten, Ta, To…Do, Re, Mi…If you aren’t studying Czech, those sets of letters may be interchangeable for you – or at least the first three a bunch of nonsense. If you are a student of Czech, you might be grimacing your teeth. ‘Ten, ta,… Read more »

5 Old Town Museums You May Have Missed These often-overlooked museums offer a departure from the usual Old Town attractions Staroměstská is full of many of the must-see sites of the city. Even if you feel you’ve trodden the cobblestones and escaped the tourist throngs, there may be a few tidbits left to discover. Here are five ideas for alternate places to… Read more »

7 Tips for Surviving Museum Night The Prague Museum Night 2014 event is happening this Saturday June 14 from 7pm to 1am. Now in its 11th year, 39 museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions are taking part. While this night sure feels like the freebie of all freebies, it can also be overwhelming, even for a dedicated museum bomber like… Read more »

Not Just for Stag Parties: Prague Cabaret Have the shady establishments off Wenceslas Square given cabaret a bad name? The actual definition of cabaret is innocent sounding enough: ‘entertainment held in restaurants or clubs while the audience eats and drinks at tables.’ The entertainment usually comes in short bursts – a little singing, a little dancing, a little comedy. Then you… Read more »

Three Thrilling New Circuses in Prague The circus is in town! But there’s no fat lady, no one putting their head in a lion’s mouth and a hundred clowns aren’t going to come out of a Volkswagen Beetle. At this circus, elegance, athleticism and beauty are on display. Circus for Women, by Women Eliška Brtnická is a performer and the… Read more »

At Prague Festival, Movies with a Conscience

The New York Times Many people head to the cinema for a couple of hours of escapism. Organizers of the annual One World Documentary Film Festival, held in Prague this year from March 8 to 17, hope their audiences have somewhat different expectations. One World, now in its 13th year, was founded by People in… Read more »

Mario Testino: The Peruvian Photographer Nobody Knows

The Culture Trip A legend of the fashion world, the king of fashion photography – Mario Testino is a coveted celebrity photographer and world-class artist known for his stunning portraits. But the man behind Diana’s Vanity Fair photo shoot and countless images of Kate Moss is going back to his little-known Peruvian roots. Meet the… Read more »

Berlin Cultural Calendar 2014: 12 Must-See Art and Music Events

The Culture Trip The size of Berlin and the scope of its cultural institutions mean that something creative is always happening on the city’s art and culture scene. Luckily, the ones responsible for all this creativity have diversified interests, and 2014’s cultural calendar includes opera, contemporary dance, light shows and photography. From art in museums… Read more »

San Francisco Cultural Calendar 2014: The Best Art Events and Festivals for Every Month

The Culture Trip San Francisco is not short of things to do: a walk along Fisherman’s Wharf, a wander through Chinatown, a buzz around the bay on a boat. But it is also one of the US’ top cultural cities and offers a number of interesting events and festivals throughout the year. This handpicked guide… Read more »

Re-Imagining the Karlín Viaduct Paris has Le Viaduc des Arts, one and a half kilometers of 64 vaults on the Avenue Daumesnil. Originally supporting the rail line Paris – Bastille – Varenne, the viaduct now supports fifty craft workers from furniture restorers to jewelry designers. Vienna meanwhile has converted the Gürtel viaduct into a thriving area for nightlife… Read more »