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Tips on how to secure a trade license Top tips on securing a Czech Trade Licence One option for people wanting to work in the Czech Republic is to get a trade license or Živnostenský list. The definition of “trading” here means you are carrying on an activity (work,) doing it independently, in your own name with the purpose of making a… Read more »

Finding inspiration both at home and abroad

The Prague Post Architect Eva Jiricna reminiscences about a 40-year career, spanning from Prague to England Eva Jiricna — the woman behind the design of some of Prague’s most prestigious hotels — hadn’t intended on becoming an architect, nor had she intended on living in England for nearly 40 years. But life, as they say,… Read more »

Think globally, build locally

The Prague Post After a strong start in office development, Hochtief looks to expand into other markets PROFILE Reinforced concrete changed the fortunes of many construction companies, but none more than Hochtief. The German company adopted it early and is now one of the world’s leading providers of construction-related services. From its humble beginnings in… Read more »

The New Generation

Lifestyles Magazine Giving one’s home phone number out live on Canadian Broadcast Corporation radio probably isn’t the brightest thing to do, especially if you haven’t told your family. But because of it, and the person who did it, Tony Hasek came to the Czech Republic 16 years ago, and hasn’t looked back. The Hasek family’s… Read more »