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Czech Red Tape a Big Challenge for Entrepreneurs

New York Times Christopher Robertson, the British owner of Robertson International Delicatessen, a food wholesaler and retailer with three shops in the Czech Republic, recalls the time that an American came into one of his shops to ask about its uzena zebra, which means smoked pork ribs in Czech. “The customer started asking the shop… Read more »

No Buds in these Suds

The Prague Post Authenticity is the name of the game for start-up brewer If baseball and apple pie are all American, then beer is all Czech. The country is known worldwide for producing some of the best beer, and Czechs seem to view it almost as a patriotic duty to treat themselves to a quality… Read more »

Business Profile: White Agency Celebrating their fifth year of personalized wedding services, White Prague Wedding Agency believes 2010 will be a prosperous one. Co-owners Eva Keilwerth and Petra Hofman met during a university course in 2004. Keilwerth had internet marketing experience, while Hofman had event management knowledge and had coordinated weddings in the past. They worked out a… Read more »

Interview: Daniel Mališ No one ever wants any legal hassles but from time to time the need for legal counsel can occur. If you live in a foreign country, barriers such as language and a lack of knowledge regarding local laws puts many expats at a disadvantage should a legal matter appear. The law firm of Mališ… Read more »

Expat Center Česká spořitelna Moving to and settling in a new country is always difficult. Any relocation involves a lot of work and research; but moving to a new country brings a whole new set of challenges. Finding an apartment, perhaps a school for the kids; maybe even a job – there´s no end to the to-do list… Read more »

Home Sweet Home When asked how someone got into their career field, typical answers include an interest in the business, perhaps family connections, or simply the chance to earn a good salary. From a music hobby to real estate though seems a bit of a stretch. That´s the answer you´ll get though out of Aleš Ježek, owner… Read more »

Matador Organizational Profile: Collective Lens

Matador Intrepid travelers for whom no corner of earth is considered off limits often discover much more than they bargained for when visiting new locations. Social problems ranging from poverty to hunger to homelessness rear their ugly heads in many spots around the world. Sharing experiences via blog postings to friends and family is one… Read more »

Ethical Consuming Be it Fair Trade coffee, vegan dairy or organic vegetables; many people are choosing products that will be kinder to the environment and shrink their carbon footprint. While it sometimes seems a struggle to find such goods in Prague; there are a number of shops that carry a wide-range of eco-merchandise. First, let´s take… Read more »

Bank Comparisons – 2008 Update (Editor’s note: this is an October, 2008 update of previous articles written by Jason Pirodsky in 2005 and 2006. You can view those outdated articles here and here.) Banks these days. With the credit crunch, mortgage crisis and national bailouts – who really wants to put their money in the hands of the “professionals?” If out of necessity you need to move… Read more »