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A Czech haven

Business New Europe In the midst of the current sovereign debt crisis, the Czech Republic is looking increasingly like one of the safer places for brave businesses to invest and expand into. Ernst & Young included the country as one of their 25 rapid-growth markets, along with the likes of Brazil, Russia, India and China…. Read more »

A little bit of Central Asia in Prague

The Christian Science Monitor A Czech company is simultaneously building a business and helping migrants by hiring Central Asian migrants to cook their homelands’ dishes. Ethnocatering, a Prague catering company founded by migrant women in 2006, is preparing Afghan, Georgian, and Armenian meals for conferences and events for banks, accounting firms, government ministries, and others…. Read more »

Franchising in the time of crisis

Business New Europe With a euro collapse and recession looming, entrepreneurs are treading carefully. Starting a new business seems reckless and even expanding might be a bit foolhardy. Franchising, however, is one option that, at least in the Czech Republic, has weathered the economic storm and shows excellent potential. “Franchises, at this time, are a… Read more »

Hard graft in the Czech Republic

Business New Europe “Number of corruption accusations in [Czech Republic] doubles in 2010”; “Poll: Czechs consider corruption biggest problem”; “Prague’s ad campaign tender investigated for corruption” – headlines like this in the Czech media appear almost on a daily basis. Recently, however, different headlines have begun appearing: “National Economic Council unveils anti-corruption plan”; “Regions draft… Read more »

Greening the Cuppa

Czech Position The Czech Green Party’s (SZ) spokesman opened the Sicily café in hopes of creating a ‘green hub’ and raising some dough for the cause A place to meet, either for business or pleasure, relax with friends, bring your children … or fund a political party. Everyone’s vision for opening a café is different,… Read more »

Central and Eastern Europe Lag in Innovation

International Herald Tribune In 2010, the European Union introduced the Innovation Union, an economic policy focused on promoting a world-class science base through public-private partnerships and the removal of bottlenecks that prevent ideas from reaching the marketplace. “The only viable road to sustainable growth and jobs is through research and innovation,” Mark English, spokesman for… Read more »

New Twists on Old Crafts

New York Times Being on the cutting edge of technology is one way to win market share; doing traditional, well-loved things supremely well is another. Some companies do both. Plzensky Prazdroj will have been brewing Pilsner Urquell beer for 169 years, come October. “At the time the new brewery was established, they had cutting-edge technology,… Read more »

South Moravia Expands as Information Hot Spot

New York Times One of Central Europe’s fastest-growing regions is South Moravia, centered on the city of Brno, in the Czech Republic. An information technology hot spot for more than a decade, with a focus on investment and innovation, the area is working strategically to bring in businesses and ideas that fit its research-led vision…. Read more »

Czechs Forge Ahead With Nuclear Power Expansion

New York Times In October last year the Czech state power company, CEZ, selected three companies to bid for a contract to expand the Temelin nuclear power plant, in the southern Czech countryside. The companies are now readying themselves to submit detailed proposals that could have major consequences not just for the Czech Republic, but… Read more »