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Tokyobikes Capture “Spirit of Karlín” “We aren’t opening a bike store, it’s a lifestyle.” This April in Karlín will be the start of what Urbane co-owner Václav Stránský hopes will be a lifestyle movement in Prague. “London, Berlin, everyone has a personal style,” he said. “But Prague is missing this. It’s a charming city, but there’s a lack of… Read more »

Making Epic Failure Fun Need some life inspiration? Like hearing about other people’s failures? Or just looking for something different to do? Thursday, April 23, the next F*ckUp Night Prague is happening at Radlická – kulturní sportovna. A global networking event, the evening brings together local businesspeople to share their failures. A lively Q&A and networking follows, plus,… Read more »

Zaza Bottles: Making Czech Tap Water Sexy The lack of Czech restaurants that serve tap water is startling to some foreigners. Often the only water option is a pricy .03l bottle. But Czech tap water is completely safe to drink, and there’s been a burgeoning movement to get restaurants to provide diners with tap water for free, or a small charge…. Read more »

Business Secrets of a Greeting Cards Guru The smell alone is enough to drive you crazy, but one bite of the bread will send your eyes rolling in ecstasy. Antonínovo pekařství, the wildly popular bakery off of Jiřího z Poděbrad already has a bit of a cult following even though they only opened in January 2014. The idea of bakers baking… Read more »

A Don Draper for the Digital Age The Kindred Group offices are buzzing. The wide open layout is lined with workstations, people busily pounding away at keyboards or in what look like important conversations with their colleagues. As Kindred Group Executive Creative Director Joseph Ali Tehranian shows me around, he explains what each loosely divided section does. From social media to… Read more »

Jumpstart Your Life and Career in 2014 Looking to enrich your professional communication skills? Maybe you are thinking of a career change and would like to do something with people. A life or career coach assists people in making choices about how to improve their personal and professional lives. Some people choose to hire a coach to help them define, set… Read more »

Petr Kosnar’s Facebook Fake Out How honest are you on your Facebook profile? Probably pretty truthful as your sister, college roommate and mom would probably call you out if you dropped anything a bit on the bogus side. But what if that FB profile you friended wasn’t actually a real person at all? How people react with a virtual… Read more »

Interview: Tomáš Čupr Who hasn’t succumbed to a great offer on an online deals site? Locally, Slevomat was the first on the market and its popularity soared; spawning copy cats and expanding regionally. Founder Tomáš Čupr actually began launching the company when he was still in Sheffield, England preparing for his return to the Czech Republic. A… Read more »

Surveying the Czech Start-Up Scene You’ve got a great idea that’s going to change the world. You are committed to doing what it takes to bring that idea to the people. You work hard, and your sweat and tears pay off – a venture capitalist recognizes your brilliance and gives you millions of crowns to move forward. A start-up… Read more »

Toadsquare: A “LinkedIn for artists” from Prague Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. The heart of intellectual and artistic life was beating in the Montparnasse neighbourhood. Referred to as les Années Folles (the crazy years); artists flocked to the neighbourhood’s studios and cafes to connect with one another and discuss the latest trends. With today’s ultra-connected society, one would… Read more »