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Axel Schmidt ‘waxes poetic’ for a unique exhibiton

Czech Position The Golden City inspired a Bavarian artist to experiment in yellow for his new wax sculpture and photo show in Prague Using melting glaciers and a 19th century Italian sculptor as inspiration and ice and wax as materials, what type of artwork do you think you’d get? If you are German artist Axel… Read more »

Local artist disregards disability and draws stars

Czech Position He was born with an extra chromosome — but that hasn’t stopped the son of two local artists from becoming a celebrity portrait artist The drawings are simply signed “Kryštof” in pencil at the bottom. Walking into Galerie ART +UM is like entering a mini Hollywood office — drawings of movie stars and… Read more »

In Prague, Three Photo-Driven Shows

The New York Times Prague’s a picturesque place, with amateur shooters frequently snapping its cobblestoned streets and historic skyline. The city also appreciates fine photography — it currently has three worthwhile exhibitions focusing on the medium. Michel Comte, the Swiss fashion and portrait photographer, is showing for the first time in Prague with “Not Only… Read more »

Artists’ canvases on your laptop

The Prague Post Google Art project renders Prague’s Museum Kampa in interactive digital form Armchair art lovers can now explore nearly 20 world-class museums from the comfort of their couch, while poor but hopeful art collectors can add a Botticelli, a Cezanne or even a Kupka to their imaginary collection, courtesy of Google. Last month,… Read more »

Tina B is back for fifth year

The Prague Post Contemporary art festival uses nine separate venues Contemporary art takes center stage this month courtesy of Tina B. – The Prague Contemporary Art Festival, which is now in its fifth year. Beginning Oct. 7, local and international artists are displayed at a variety of venues. New media, performance, light art and video,… Read more »

Accidental Art

The Prague Post Tucked away in a corner of the café, there is an interesting photograph or colorful painting. Stepping back, you realize the art on the walls isn’t there just to pretty the place up, but is part of a carefully chosen series or collection. In much of Prague, it’s possible to get a… Read more »

Street Rhythms

Belgian artist Chase takes his irreverent talents indoors at Prague 2 gallery The Prague Post Street art by definition is outdoors and, obviously, on the street. Does bringing it indoors negate its message? “Whenever I travel, I paint and connect with people,” said Chase, originally from Belgium but now living in Los Angeles. “It’s a… Read more »

Jeweler’s journey through artistic trends of the past

The Prague Post Cartier’s exhibition links gems to the personalities who used to wear them Power. It’s a strong word conjuring up images of strength, authority and dominance to name a few. But can elegance and fashion exude power? The answer is yes, according to a new exhibition at the Prague Castle’s Riding Hall, “Cartier… Read more »

Active Inspiration

The Prague Post Disabled sports club and athletes featured at ongoing photo exhibition Sweat covers the brows of the athletes in the photos, their faces contorted into looks of concentration. Skiers, bikers, runners – all are represented in Tomáš Lisý’s photo exhibition at the ABC Theatre. With a closer look, you quickly realize there is… Read more »

Form and Function

The Prague Post New art in an Art Nouveau building: The second incarnation of the Art Forms Biennale runs the gamut from painting, photography and sculpture to performance Space as an inspiration and architecture as a backdrop are just two of the most interesting elements of the second Art Forms Biennale opening April 8 at… Read more »