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Georges Kars: ‘All that counts is humanism’

Czech Position From Impressionism to Fauvism and Cubism, Czech-Jewish artist George Kars put his brush to many styles before taking his life as WWII came to an end “Reality is at the bottom of an artist’s creative awareness; the work is then a magnificent synthesis of the subconscious and emotional excitement.” – Georges Kars The… Read more »

So Many Stories in One Piece

New Eastern Europe Surrealism exhibit in Prague offers retrospective from the past 20 years. “Many people believe surrealism is a dream, escape, imagination but that is nonsense. It comes from reality and in it we can feel a strong connection between dream and reality.” Bruno Solarik is one of the curators of a large Surrealism… Read more »

In Prague, a Showcase for Artists and Professors

The New York Times Murdered garden gnomes in a Baroque palace in Prague? No, that’s not the premise of some bizarre television show. It is one of the 350 works on view at the Artbanka Museum of Young Art (, whose exhibition space showcases the work of graduate students and professors at Czech art academies…. Read more »

Romanov Dynasty treasures debut at Prague Castle

Czech Position Exhibit from Moscow’s Kremlin Museum brings expensive trinkets, and lots of history, fittingly, to Prague Castle’s Imperial Stables An exhibition of 16th and 17th century Russian history sounds more like a nap than a must-see for some people; but a display on just that is proving quite popular at Prague Castle. One would… Read more »

Wolves and sheep’s loathing: A touch of humor and pain

Czech Position Emotions abound at the Prague gallery Vernon Depot’s first show, by the young Czech artist Štepán Beránek A new gallery in Prague 7’s Holešovice neighborhood is now showing work by the young and vibrant Czech artist Štepán Beránek. His colorful creations send a shock wave of life through the space, which opened in… Read more »

Bullfighting Gets a Closer Look in Prague

The New York Times Anyone who has seen a matador in action knows that bullfighting is an art. But the creativity it inspires is not restricted to the ring – artists from Picasso to Dalí to the Czech artist Emil Filla have created works using the sport as a theme. One hundred fifty such pieces… Read more »

Harrison & Španhel: A view to your mind

Czech Position Prague’s Dea Orh pairs Czech and British painters in an abstract, broad brush stroke take on landscape, postcards and more If you prefer to decipher your art, an intriguing exhibition at Dea Orh Gallery provides paintings open to interpretation. The gallery paired a British and Czech painter for a fresh look at a… Read more »

Appealing to Heaven: Elusive exhibit leaves you looking for more

Czech Position Young visual artists from across central, eastern and southeastern Europe have been gathered together in Dvorak Sec Contemporary’s latest exhibition. No Borders. Appeal to Heaven aims to bring together a representation of artists from across the region while contrasting the different styles that are evolving. The fact that the main medium is painting… Read more »

Confrontations’ Abound at Outdoor Art Show in Prague

The New York Times Expect to be confronted with the unexpected at an open-air exhibition in Prague with the appropriate title of “Confrontations.” Jaroslav Andel, the artistic director at DOX Center for Contemporary Art created the show, which takes inspiration from an older Czech art form: the pairing of contrasting images. The exhibition runs Nov…. Read more »