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Insurance company spokesperson says sometimes what you don’t know can hurt you

Whether you want coverage for your health, your family’s security or just to ensure you enjoy your golden years, insurance is an important part of everyone’s portfolio. Marek Zeman, the director of PR and communication for AXA Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, says many insurance products are still not well-understood and that it’s important to get informed or you might be missing out on needed protection.

“There still are many people who do not appreciate fully the importance of financial protection, and they can face difficulties that they could have easily avoided,” Zeman says. “For example, financial protection for retirement: Czechs may be using the services of pension funds quite frequently, but they usually save only small amounts, which would not protect them properly against the drop in their income after leaving their jobs.”

Zeman cites travel insurance as another overlooked safety option.

“If you don’t take travel insurance out before going abroad, you may save a couple of crowns every day, but it may cost you tens of thousands of crowns in the end.”

Insurance keeps you on top of the game, and Zeman says AXA helps you not only plan but think ahead. Their auto plans offer both third-party liability insurance and collision insurance. He says life insurance is one of the most important, ensuring your family is well-cared for in the event something unexpected happens. AXA has a number of options, including traditional life insurance, casualty insurance and critical illness insurance. A unique program for children, called Medvidek (Teddy Bear) Investment Life Insurance, covers your children in the event of accident or injury while also saving money for their education.

AXA locally covers a variety of insurance and investment needs. In the investment realm, their savings account is simple and allows you to put money aside, while receiving interest to spend on whatever you choose, be it education, retirement or a fabulous holiday. Mutual funds keep your money working for you, and, with AXA, you can get advice on investing in money markets, equity funds or bond funds.

Financial protection for the future is why Zeman believes it is important to look at your insurance and investment options together.

“Some products, such as investment life insurance, incorporate both of the elements, the investment and insurance options,” he says. “It is convenient for clients to have a single institution offering several financial products, and, thanks to a synergy of the individual products, we are capable of providing better services for lower prices.”

When it comes to financial protection, AXA is a global leader. With 80 million clients worldwide and, as of December 2009, more than 3 billion euro in adjusted earnings, AXA has resources and manpower. In the Czech Republic alone, the company employs more than 2,000 people and has nearly 78 billion Kc in assets under management. AXA can assist with life insurance, pension schemes and mutual funds, and they’ve recently launched banking operations here. Not exactly the most unique of products, so what makes AXA different?

“Thanks to our experience and backing from one of the largest financial groups in the world, we offer top-quality products with high added value to our clients,” Zeman said. Zeman mentioned the “AXA Club” program, which includes, among other benefits, a payment card that generates bonuses when the client uses it to pay. Locally, the company has won a number of awards, including second place in both the Pension Fund of the Year 2008 and Most Dynamic Insurance Company of the Year 2008.