Bedroom Beautification

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Update your boudoir with this season’s hottest styles

While it may not seem like we spend as much time there as we would like, most people want their homes to be a comfortable, relaxing reflection of themselves. A variety of personal tastes, combined with an assortment of spaces means the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating. We asked three local shop owners to help us decorate a bedroom. They chose the best of what their shops have to offer, putting together 3 unique rooms not to be found anywhere else.

Bringing furnishings and accessories from other cultures to Prague is the passion of Monika Vostrakova, owner of Le Patio. She offers a worldwide mixture of items, selling things from France, the Philippines, Latin America and India. “It’s a question of pleasure,” says Vostrakova. “I want people to feel like they are somewhere else when they come to the store.” She recommends mixing different textures, fabrics and materials for a unique look in your home. “We have curtains made from mother of pearl, placemats made from silk and bamboo, picture frames made from leather and beads and feathers on pillows,” she says. “Accessories are an easy way to be trendy, they can change the aspect of a room.” If you are looking for a simple makeover, Vostrakova has some simple solutions. “Curtains and cushions can add a little color and change a room a lot,” she advises. Also mixing dark furniture with bright accessories will give a room a balanced look. “Tastes are personal, and so is the space you have to work with,” she says. “Furnishings often depend on the space and style of the home.”

Le Patio Lifestyle
Narodini 22
Prague 1
224 934 402

Parizska 20
Prague 1
222 320 260
Personalization is the key to decorating says Suleyman Ozcan with UNIQUE Carpets and Interior Décor. “Take time to find special touches and add to the room as you go along,” he advises. Ozcan suggests focusing on the bed. “Whatever the bed, find something for your taste that is different,” he says. “A bed cover changes everything. With one bed cover you can give the room the appearance you want it to have.” Ozcan also says the trend is towards using more small accessories based on your tastes and less furniture. “Carvings, pictures, ceramics – these things make a room authentic,” he says. Light is something many people overlook when decorating their bedrooms. Ozcan suggests having less light and making it unique looking. “Bedside lamps made out of glass and metal, either electric or candles, can make for a nice and cozy bedroom,” he says. Small touches such as coverings for a bed, table, couch or pillows can make older, not as interesting items special. “Look for elegant, handmade original items,” suggests Ozcan. “They can fit into any décor.” Ozcan’s final piece of decorating advice is good for all nervous would-be interior designers. “Anything can be used to make a room look different.”

UNIQUE Carpets and Interior Décor
Cerna Ruze Shopping Mall
Na Prikope 12
Prague 1
“It should be a place for relaxing, not just sleeping,” advises Mojmir Ranny with Ranny Architects. He recommends focusing on modern trends and new materials when decorating your sleeping space. The placement of furniture, especially the bed, is an important consideration. “Never place the head of the bed against an outside wall,” he says. “The optimal position is one in which the feet, and the eyes, face the window.” Ranny is also a fan of the “less is more” decorating mantra. “Miminal ornament,” he says. “Use three colors maximum, and simple art without an emotional charge.” Simple things can make a difference when giving your bedroom a fresh look. Ranny recommends modern art, new paint on the walls and other simple changes like new drapes and bed sheets. Color is also important, and this season, natural is popular. “A combination of light blue and brown,” Ranny says. “Also light green and light khaki.”

Ranny Architects
Saldova 1a
Prague 8
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Furniture with a built-in history. That’s a bonus when you decorate your bedroom with antiques, according to Martina Bulacova with Belle Ile Art & Antique store. “Antique furniture brings the spirit of old time,” she says. She recommends mixing antiques with new furniture for a distinctive look. “Old, antique furniture can bring a special touch,” says Bulacova. “They bring more character to the decoration of a new space.” Antique furnishings have been designed by artisans and are unique. Using them in your decorating brings that character to your home. Bulacova especially recommends using antiques in your bedroom. “When you decorate your kitchen, you need it to be practical,” she says. “You want your bedroom to be practical, but also aesthetic, cozy and simply beautiful.” The materials older furniture are made with are also quite often of a higher quality. “The furniture is made from wood, brass, marble and designed and done by highly qualified people hundreds of years ago,” Bulacova says. “They have never lost their shine.” She believes antique furniture is the only way to go in the bedroom. “It has more character, it looks nicer, more majestic and it never loses its value,” she says. What could be better than a bed whose price tag keeps going up?

Belle Ile Art & Antique
Elisky Krasnohorske 14
Prague 1
224 812 251