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The Unwavering Eye Photographer Michal Novotný and his camera have traipsed to more than 60 countries; from Afghanistan to Bangladesh to Ukraine and many points in between. Novotný’s work has appeared in The New York Times, The Sunday Times Magazine, L’Express, El Mundo, Time,Vanity Fair, and countless other publications. He has won a World Press Photo award… Read more »

Toadsquare: A “LinkedIn for artists” from Prague Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. The heart of intellectual and artistic life was beating in the Montparnasse neighbourhood. Referred to as les Années Folles (the crazy years); artists flocked to the neighbourhood’s studios and cafes to connect with one another and discuss the latest trends. With today’s ultra-connected society, one would… Read more »

Lessons Learned, Czech Banks Thrive

International Herald Tribune Stable and profitable are not adjectives often used recently to describe the state of Europe’s banks. In the Czech Republic, however, a rigorous and unified financial market supervision system — and lessons learned from banking troubles a decade ago — have laid the foundations for a healthy sector. “The industry is in… Read more »

Czech Fortress Reborn as a Home

International Herald Tribune Blink and you could miss one of the tiny villages that dot the winding roads around Prague. It was the search for a fixer-upper cottage that led Jan Sedlacek to one of them: the small town of Trebotov about 20 kilometers, or 12 miles, from the Czech capital. The community is better… Read more »

Journalists Shrug Off President’s Inaugural Insults

European Journalism Centre Pledging to fight ‘godfather mafias’ and ‘neo-Nazis’ was part of new Czech President Milos Zeman’s inauguration speech in March. The first Czech president to be directly elected by the people, he spoke of ‘three islands of negative deviation’ in his speech. The third? ‘A sizeable portion of Czech media’ that ‘focuses on… Read more »

Guide to Prague’s Charles Bridge The Charles Bridge is one of the most recognizable and visited sites in the city. Hundreds of tourists cross it every day to experience the history, beauty and views. Lined with craftspeople selling their wares and a few musicians; the atmosphere is lively, if not a bit overwhelming on a crowded summer day. Jacy… Read more »

Is there a demand for good news?

European Journalism Centre I recall overhearing a newsroom debate on death counts as two colleagues prioritised stories for that day’s paper. “Only 2?” one of them said. “Nah, we need something better.” How unfortunate for the poor editor that not enough people had died that day for him to have a juicy lead. Readers too… Read more »

Prague’s Charm Retains its Value

International Herald Tribune There was a kind of real estate glow to the capital of the Czech Republic six or seven years ago. Foreign investors wanted to buy, international companies were paying handsomely for expatriate workers’ luxury rentals and development was surging in neighborhoods outside the city center. Then came the global downturn. “The two… Read more »

EU Editors Avoid Russian History With Sceptical Approach to Unpublish Requests

European Journalism Centre When a reporter or editor makes a mistake, most newsgathering organisations quickly issue a correction – both online and in print. But what happens when the error is not the result of the reporter or editor’s work, but regret on the part of a source? How would your publication react to the… Read more »

Prague Cultural Calendar 2013 Prague is a year round destination – even if the weather isn’t so cooperative for strolls through the historic streets or in the parks. Besides a wide range of museums, the city offers an active events calendar – festivals of music, film, theatre and more are held throughout the year. Jacy Meyer brings a… Read more »