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Folk Is the New Fabulous “It’s a story – almost all our clothes have a story.” That’s Lucia Brinzanik talking about FolkLove. FolkLove isn’t some museum exhibition or history book. It’s a shop sharing and promoting something old that has now become new again – yep, folk has gone fashionable. “It’s our history, it’s in us, but nowadays, people… Read more »

Three Thrilling New Circuses in Prague The circus is in town! But there’s no fat lady, no one putting their head in a lion’s mouth and a hundred clowns aren’t going to come out of a Volkswagen Beetle. At this circus, elegance, athleticism and beauty are on display. Circus for Women, by Women Eliška Brtnická is a performer and the… Read more »

A Growing Mecca for Art Lovers The country’s only nationwide showcase of contemporary art is back for its 13th edition March 11-16 at Kafky dum (nám. Franze Kafky 3). Art Prague brings together galleries, individual artists and art groups for an intense one week gala of art. “Every year I look forward to everything Art Prague has that is new,”… Read more »

Prague’s urban policy raises some artistic questions

Czech Position A lack of a coherent development plan has artists and others asking what can be done to protect the Czech capital Prague’s historically beautiful buildings are among the city’s greatest assets. Since 1989, however, concern for the protection and revival of historical spaces has been somewhat lackadaisical. An exhibition at Karlín Studios is… Read more »

How to Sing a Picture Interesting encounters can be the start of exceptional things. If a singer told a dance director she ‘wanted to sing a picture,’ what would come out of that comment? The dance, music and video project called Obrazy (Pictures) now playing at Kolowrat Theatre. “When Elena [jazz singer Elena Sonenshine] said that, that sometimes when… Read more »

At Prague Festival, Movies with a Conscience

The New York Times Many people head to the cinema for a couple of hours of escapism. Organizers of the annual One World Documentary Film Festival, held in Prague this year from March 8 to 17, hope their audiences have somewhat different expectations. One World, now in its 13th year, was founded by People in… Read more »

Czech Chefs Look to the Past to Shape the Future “It’s not easy to describe Czech food because to be honest there’s nothing like Czech cuisine,” Oldrich Sahajdak, head chef at La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise in Prague said. “There’s mid-European cuisine, these countries surrounding us influence us very much. Many people think our national dish is roasted pork, sauerkraut and dumplings, but the Germans… Read more »

Contemporary Belgian Design: The 10 Best Designers from Belgium

The Culture Trip Belgium may be a small country, but the city of Antwerp is a well-known hotbed for fashion, while Brussels is a cosmopolitan city filled with designer studios and shops around Sablon and Avenue Louise. Belgian designers are active on the fashion, product and industrial design scenes, introducing innovative solutions to considerations such… Read more »

Mario Testino: The Peruvian Photographer Nobody Knows

The Culture Trip A legend of the fashion world, the king of fashion photography – Mario Testino is a coveted celebrity photographer and world-class artist known for his stunning portraits. But the man behind Diana’s Vanity Fair photo shoot and countless images of Kate Moss is going back to his little-known Peruvian roots. Meet the… Read more »

The Wheel Deal: Prague’s First Roller Derby Team “Two years ago, my friends invited me to a movie, it was called Whip It. After 10 minutes I turned to my friends and said I have to do this.” Great ideas can happen anywhere; in Prague inspiration often strikes in a pub (that comes later in this story). But for the Prague City… Read more »