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5 Weekends for Wine Lovers Local wine connoisseurs name their favorite pockets of wine country for tasting the season’s best The Czech Republic’s wines have vastly improved, and if you know the right producers you can find some quite enjoyable bottles. (The Moravian Wine Route consists of a 1,200 kilometer network of trails through the wine growing villages!) We… Read more »

Why Czech Matters

A new app is helping non-Czech speakers understand ten, ta, to Ten, Ta, To…Do, Re, Mi…If you aren’t studying Czech, those sets of letters may be interchangeable for you – or at least the first three a bunch of nonsense. If you are a student of Czech, you might be grimacing your teeth. ‘Ten, ta,… Read more »

5 Old Town Museums You May Have Missed These often-overlooked museums offer a departure from the usual Old Town attractions Staroměstská is full of many of the must-see sites of the city. Even if you feel you’ve trodden the cobblestones and escaped the tourist throngs, there may be a few tidbits left to discover. Here are five ideas for alternate places to… Read more »

15 Must-See Autumn 2014 Exhibits The world premiere of an important exhibit on Israel opens in Prague & much more Kathrin Köster and Sinta Werner Meet Factory – Kostka Gallery, September 11 – October 3 (Köstner), October 26 (Werner) Meet Factory has an extensive artist-in-residence program and through October you can check out the work of these two German… Read more »

Want a Great Shape? Get Out of the Gym! These days in Prague, getting fit means anything but the traditional workout “Most people exercise cause they want to look better naked.” (We’ll credit that quote later). Maybe nudity is your motivation, maybe you are looking for a new way to sweat or perhaps you just need a work out change—no matter the reason… Read more »

Czech Castle Summer Escapes Why not indulge in a royal weekend this summer? Afterall, the Czech Republic is the second most castle-dense country in the world. We asked Harriet Landseer, author of Castles, Country Houses and Other Monuments to suggest summertime castle and chateau stays for a range of budgets and interests: Chateau Mcely is a luxurious property… Read more »

The Story of the Veletržní Palace The ornate Art Nouveau Obecní dum, the curvaceous Dancing House, even the angular Cubist House at the Black Madonna tend to outshine the bulking functionalist hulk of Veletržní Palace in Prague’s architectural timeline. Since 1995 the National Gallery has displayed modern and contemporary art in this soaring space; now the building’s fascinating past and… Read more »

5 Summer Mini-Breaks in the Czech Republic Escaping to a resort for your summer hols sounds like a dream holiday: a king-size bed with a terrace overlooking the sea; fine, fresh food served in lovely surroundings by a smiling staff, a masseuse, frolicking by day in the sea followed by sunset walks on the beach. If it also sounds a bit… Read more »

Stunning 1920’s Cinema Reborn in Prague The wooden sign surrounded in lights hanging on Macešková Palace clearly stands out amongst its dull plastic neighbors. Walking in, you don’t realize the fun you are in for; both in terms of design and entertainment possibilities. Welcome to Royal Theatre – a mix of 1920s Czech First Republic and Hollywood, fabulously refurbished and… Read more »