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Czech Chefs Look to the Past to Shape the Future “It’s not easy to describe Czech food because to be honest there’s nothing like Czech cuisine,” Oldrich Sahajdak, head chef at La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise in Prague said. “There’s mid-European cuisine, these countries surrounding us influence us very much. Many people think our national dish is roasted pork, sauerkraut and dumplings, but the Germans… Read more »

Contemporary Belgian Design: The 10 Best Designers from Belgium

The Culture Trip Belgium may be a small country, but the city of Antwerp is a well-known hotbed for fashion, while Brussels is a cosmopolitan city filled with designer studios and shops around Sablon and Avenue Louise. Belgian designers are active on the fashion, product and industrial design scenes, introducing innovative solutions to considerations such… Read more »

Mario Testino: The Peruvian Photographer Nobody Knows

The Culture Trip A legend of the fashion world, the king of fashion photography – Mario Testino is a coveted celebrity photographer and world-class artist known for his stunning portraits. But the man behind Diana’s Vanity Fair photo shoot and countless images of Kate Moss is going back to his little-known Peruvian roots. Meet the… Read more »

The Wheel Deal: Prague’s First Roller Derby Team “Two years ago, my friends invited me to a movie, it was called Whip It. After 10 minutes I turned to my friends and said I have to do this.” Great ideas can happen anywhere; in Prague inspiration often strikes in a pub (that comes later in this story). But for the Prague City… Read more »

5 Art Exhibits to See Right Now Winter is a time that seems made for large doses of culture. Cold, dark days motivate you towards indoor activities, and you shouldn’t spend all your time in a pub. Here’s a round up of our top 5 exhibitions over the next few months for a little art inspiration. Only The Good Ones: The… Read more »

Wellington’s 10 Must-See Contemporary Art Galleries

The Culture Trip The mysterious island of New Zealand is full of natural beauty, but the city of Wellington is full of wonderful manmade creations. Known for offering alternative and innovative perspectives, artsy Wellington neighbourhoods to discover include Civic Square and the Cuba Art Quarter. From international artists to local crafters, these ten contemporary art galleries… Read more »

From Prague to Siberia: The Gulag Project Over the course of three expeditions to Siberia, Štepán Cernoušek and his teams have been documenting camps in the Russian gulag system. Specifically, they’ve visited ones that provided labor force for the almost 1500 km long transpolar Salekhard-Igarka railway construction complex which was abandoned after the death of Stalin in March 1953. In dozens… Read more »

Berlin Cultural Calendar 2014: 12 Must-See Art and Music Events

The Culture Trip The size of Berlin and the scope of its cultural institutions mean that something creative is always happening on the city’s art and culture scene. Luckily, the ones responsible for all this creativity have diversified interests, and 2014’s cultural calendar includes opera, contemporary dance, light shows and photography. From art in museums… Read more »

Guide to Vienna’s 10 Must-See Contemporary Art Galleries

The Culture Trip Commonly associated with operas, balls, Secession architecture and imperial history, Vienna is also surprisingly rich in contemporary art galleries. When visiting the city, culture lovers will want to stroll through Vienna’s new artistic hotspot in Schleifmühlgasse, located in the emerging 4th district. We explore this hip neighbourhood – and other areas of… Read more »

San Francisco Cultural Calendar 2014: The Best Art Events and Festivals for Every Month

The Culture Trip San Francisco is not short of things to do: a walk along Fisherman’s Wharf, a wander through Chinatown, a buzz around the bay on a boat. But it is also one of the US’ top cultural cities and offers a number of interesting events and festivals throughout the year. This handpicked guide… Read more »