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Going Beyond the Secret Bunker Dodging the throngs of tourists on Wenceslas Square, the Jalta Hotel’s entrance can be hard to miss. Opened in 1958, it was the premiere hotel of the communist era; built especially for top communists and visiting dignitaries from the West. The hotel held more than a few secrets though and in November the Jalta… Read more »

The Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Bratislava: Slovak Art on the Rise

The Culture Trip The Slovak capital is off many people’s radar, but it shouldn’t be. Bratislava offers a compact historic centre, towering hilltop castle and lovely walks along the Danube. Nearly everyone with an artistic bent will find something new to discover, as Bratislava’s cultural life is active and varied with activities ranging from opera… Read more »

The Best Cultural Restaurants in Bratislava: The Wonders of Slovak Cuisine

The Culture Trip Hearty Slovak cuisine, with its emphasis on meat and potatoes, is not represented around the world in many fine-dining establishments. Typical dishes include pork and dumplings with a thick sauce and the national dish is bryndzové halušky, gnocchi-style potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon. Soup, like the favoruite kapustnica, is a… Read more »

Float On, Bliss Out at New River Sauna A nice steamy sit followed by a jump in the Vltava. Sounds like a good way to spend a winter evening, right? Lázne na lodi (Spa on a Boat) is now open for your sweating pleasure. “This is our second season and we doubled in size based on good feedback from last year,” said… Read more »