Monthly Archives: November 2013

A Documentary Photographer’s Personal Best For Prague photography fans, Leica Gallery’s exhibitions of both Czech and international photographers are a continuing rotation of visual entertainment. Until January 5 you have the opportunity to see one of the medium’s icons – Elliot Erwitt. And if you love black and white, slice of life photography, this should not be missed. Erwitt,… Read more »

Petr Kosnar’s Facebook Fake Out How honest are you on your Facebook profile? Probably pretty truthful as your sister, college roommate and mom would probably call you out if you dropped anything a bit on the bogus side. But what if that FB profile you friended wasn’t actually a real person at all? How people react with a virtual… Read more »

Interview: Tomáš Čupr Who hasn’t succumbed to a great offer on an online deals site? Locally, Slevomat was the first on the market and its popularity soared; spawning copy cats and expanding regionally. Founder Tomáš Čupr actually began launching the company when he was still in Sheffield, England preparing for his return to the Czech Republic. A… Read more »