Monthly Archives: April 2013

Czech Fortress Reborn as a Home

International Herald Tribune Blink and you could miss one of the tiny villages that dot the winding roads around Prague. It was the search for a fixer-upper cottage that led Jan Sedlacek to one of them: the small town of Trebotov about 20 kilometers, or 12 miles, from the Czech capital. The community is better… Read more »

Journalists Shrug Off President’s Inaugural Insults

European Journalism Centre Pledging to fight ‘godfather mafias’ and ‘neo-Nazis’ was part of new Czech President Milos Zeman’s inauguration speech in March. The first Czech president to be directly elected by the people, he spoke of ‘three islands of negative deviation’ in his speech. The third? ‘A sizeable portion of Czech media’ that ‘focuses on… Read more »