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Prague’s Charm Retains its Value

International Herald Tribune There was a kind of real estate glow to the capital of the Czech Republic six or seven years ago. Foreign investors wanted to buy, international companies were paying handsomely for expatriate workers’ luxury rentals and development was surging in neighborhoods outside the city center. Then came the global downturn. “The two… Read more »

EU Editors Avoid Russian History With Sceptical Approach to Unpublish Requests

European Journalism Centre When a reporter or editor makes a mistake, most newsgathering organisations quickly issue a correction – both online and in print. But what happens when the error is not the result of the reporter or editor’s work, but regret on the part of a source? How would your publication react to the… Read more »

Prague Cultural Calendar 2013 Prague is a year round destination – even if the weather isn’t so cooperative for strolls through the historic streets or in the parks. Besides a wide range of museums, the city offers an active events calendar – festivals of music, film, theatre and more are held throughout the year. Jacy Meyer brings a… Read more »