Monthly Archives: May 2012

Colorful Khamoro

Czech Position Week-long festival in Prague celebrates the richness of Roma music and traditions The colors, the dancing and most especially the music is what you’ll take away from any event you attend at this week’s World Roma Festival Khamoro in Prague. Organizers hope you’ll remember something else as well. In addition to the Roma… Read more »

Dobrá chuť!

Czech Position Prague Food Festival is back for a weekend of good eating and reduced prices at dozens of choice restaurants Noshing your way around the gardens below Prague Castle; trying tidbits of food from the country’s best restaurants – add it to your to-do list for this weekend. The Prague Food Festival, now in… Read more »

To Czech Industry, Everything Is Nano

International Herald Tribune Nanotechnology is a young but rapidly developing field that exploits the strange physical properties possessed by microscopic particles about one 800th the thickness of a human hair. The high surface area of a nanoparticle relative to its weight and volume makes it behave differently from larger masses of the same material. Over… Read more »

A Slovakian Start-Up Looks to Cable for Its Media Model

International Herald Tribune Piano Media, a small Slovakian start-up that begin in May last year, has lofty ambitions to transform online media publishing. Offering online publishers a way to monetize their Web content, Piano brings individual publishers together into one payment system, giving viewers a way to pay once to access exclusive content across a… Read more »

Nice to meet you

Czech Position New Prague exhibition introduces Czech author Bohumil Hrabal and Irish artist Francis Bacon “Modern proze cannot be written without a certain degree of erudition, without knowledge of what is going on in the other arts, especially fine art. Fine art and literature are indelibly linked.” – The Homework by Bohumil Hrabal, 1970. Presenting… Read more »

Slice of Life

Czech Position Czech photographer Jan Lukas took a bite out of the Big Apple; a retrospective of his work is now at Prague’s Leica Gallery Everyone has their dream city. For Jan Lukas it was New York, and when he escaped there with his family in 1966, the city proved to be as magical as… Read more »