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Georges Kars: ‘All that counts is humanism’

Czech Position From Impressionism to Fauvism and Cubism, Czech-Jewish artist George Kars put his brush to many styles before taking his life as WWII came to an end “Reality is at the bottom of an artist’s creative awareness; the work is then a magnificent synthesis of the subconscious and emotional excitement.” – Georges Kars The… Read more »

So Many Stories in One Piece

New Eastern Europe Surrealism exhibit in Prague offers retrospective from the past 20 years. “Many people believe surrealism is a dream, escape, imagination but that is nonsense. It comes from reality and in it we can feel a strong connection between dream and reality.” Bruno Solarik is one of the curators of a large Surrealism… Read more »

The Good Times Roll in a Colorful Quarter of Prague

The New York Times Of the pre-Lenten carnivals called Masopust in Prague, the one in the neighborhood of Zizkov is among the city’s most colorful and distinct. “To a certain extent, it is different from other popular carnivals because it is a display of the Zizkov independent culture,” said Pavel Sladkovsky, the deputy mayor of… Read more »

In Prague, dumplings that say ‘Mom’

Christian Science Monitor Petr Kosiner owns the Czech Republic’s first homemade dumpling shop. He hopes to change the misconception that “store-bought” can’t compare to homemade for one of the country’s staple side dishes. “Since I’ve started making my own dumplings, I don’t buy them anymore,” said Zdenek Snajder, a Prague resident. “I can alter the… Read more »

‘Anastomosis’: urban hook-ups in Prague

Czech Position Dox show highlights efforts to connect Prague; ‘Anastomosis’ presents 65 designs for regenerating urban structures in four districts Standing in front of Prague’s market in Holešovice, if you had a really strong arm, you could throw a rock across the Vltava River and hit Karlín. If you want to get there, however, it’s… Read more »