Monthly Archives: December 2011

In Prague, a tale of communism past

The Christian Science Monitor A new exhibit in Prague highlights the way museums were used as a communist propaganda tool, molding the way citizens interpreted moments in their shared history. Museums as a communist propaganda tool are the focus of a new exhibition titled “Red Museums” at the National Memorial in Prague, Czech Republic. The… Read more »

Romanov Dynasty treasures debut at Prague Castle

Czech Position Exhibit from Moscow’s Kremlin Museum brings expensive trinkets, and lots of history, fittingly, to Prague Castle’s Imperial Stables An exhibition of 16th and 17th century Russian history sounds more like a nap than a must-see for some people; but a display on just that is proving quite popular at Prague Castle. One would… Read more »

A Czech haven

Business New Europe In the midst of the current sovereign debt crisis, the Czech Republic is looking increasingly like one of the safer places for brave businesses to invest and expand into. Ernst & Young included the country as one of their 25 rapid-growth markets, along with the likes of Brazil, Russia, India and China…. Read more »

Wolves and sheep’s loathing: A touch of humor and pain

Czech Position Emotions abound at the Prague gallery Vernon Depot’s first show, by the young Czech artist Štepán Beránek A new gallery in Prague 7’s Holešovice neighborhood is now showing work by the young and vibrant Czech artist Štepán Beránek. His colorful creations send a shock wave of life through the space, which opened in… Read more »

Bullfighting Gets a Closer Look in Prague

The New York Times Anyone who has seen a matador in action knows that bullfighting is an art. But the creativity it inspires is not restricted to the ring – artists from Picasso to Dalí to the Czech artist Emil Filla have created works using the sport as a theme. One hundred fifty such pieces… Read more »

Knedlík: Ode to the Czech dumpling

Czech Position The deceptively unassuming dumpling is a pearl of Czech cuisine, and a new generation of chefs have risen to the challenge A country’s national dish is a source of pride. Italians with their pasta, Japanese with their sushi … and the Czechs with their knedlíky, or dumplings. This sometimes soggy, occasionally unappetizing looking… Read more »