Monthly Archives: November 2011

Harrison & Španhel: A view to your mind

Czech Position Prague’s Dea Orh pairs Czech and British painters in an abstract, broad brush stroke take on landscape, postcards and more If you prefer to decipher your art, an intriguing exhibition at Dea Orh Gallery provides paintings open to interpretation. The gallery paired a British and Czech painter for a fresh look at a… Read more »

Appealing to Heaven: Elusive exhibit leaves you looking for more

Czech Position Young visual artists from across central, eastern and southeastern Europe have been gathered together in Dvorak Sec Contemporary’s latest exhibition. No Borders. Appeal to Heaven aims to bring together a representation of artists from across the region while contrasting the different styles that are evolving. The fact that the main medium is painting… Read more »

A little bit of Central Asia in Prague

The Christian Science Monitor A Czech company is simultaneously building a business and helping migrants by hiring Central Asian migrants to cook their homelands’ dishes. Ethnocatering, a Prague catering company founded by migrant women in 2006, is preparing Afghan, Georgian, and Armenian meals for conferences and events for banks, accounting firms, government ministries, and others…. Read more »

Confrontations’ Abound at Outdoor Art Show in Prague

The New York Times Expect to be confronted with the unexpected at an open-air exhibition in Prague with the appropriate title of “Confrontations.” Jaroslav Andel, the artistic director at DOX Center for Contemporary Art created the show, which takes inspiration from an older Czech art form: the pairing of contrasting images. The exhibition runs Nov…. Read more »

Franchising in the time of crisis

Business New Europe With a euro collapse and recession looming, entrepreneurs are treading carefully. Starting a new business seems reckless and even expanding might be a bit foolhardy. Franchising, however, is one option that, at least in the Czech Republic, has weathered the economic storm and shows excellent potential. “Franchises, at this time, are a… Read more »

In vino (Bohemicus) veritas. But is Beaujolais better?

Czech Position New wine, old debate; Czech Svatomartinské takes on French Beaujolais Nouveau at rival wine-tasting events this month Ultimately, it’s a matter of taste, yet remains an endless topic of discussion in local wine-tasting circles: Beaujolais Nouveau or Svatomartinské — is the French wine truly superior to the Czech equivalent, or have we just… Read more »

New Prague Gallery Offers Contemporary Works

The New York Times There’s a new stop in Prague for contemporary art – Vernon Depot (U Pruhonu 22) has opened in the industrial-chic Prague 7 neighborhood of Holesovice. Part of the Vernon family of galleries, Vernon Depot will show works by the gallery’s artists as well as a rotating schedule of exhibitions. The original… Read more »