Monthly Archives: October 2011

Cutting-edge continues at Prague’s Tina B. Festival

Czech Position  Sixth edition of contemporary arts festival Tina B. at Prague’s Vernon Gallery goes green with an Art-Eco-Bio theme If one of the purposes of art is to surprise and delight, and more often now, to be interesting and make people think, then it must be tough striving to make an interesting and surprising… Read more »

Prague ‘Lucifer Effect’ exhibit examines the evil within us all

Czech Position DOX’s ‘The Lucifer Effect: Encountering Evil’ is a mix of videos, photos and installations, all with one underlying theme: power corrupts “Evil, psychologically, is the exercise and abuse of power to intentionally harm, hurt or destroy others, or to commit crimes against humanity when practiced by authority systems.” – Dr Philip Zimbardo Seems… Read more »

Central Europe’s property market grows up

Business New Europe Investors, local and international, see the Czech property market as confident and maturing, while real estate consultancies are murmuring that the wild east is settling down into a stable, grown-up investment market. Even after a couple of turbulent economic crisis years and a recent return to more volatile markets, brokers believe that… Read more »

In a country of beer lovers, this group takes the keg

Czech Position Pilsner Urquell hosts the Int’l Master Bartender Awards, where top talents compete to pour the perfect Czech pint, and more “I’m like a kid in a candy shop.” “If you don’t know the history, you know nothing.” “It was the best thing I’ve ever seen.” Statements from three people obviously giddy about something…. Read more »

Ponec Theater showcases dance with a twist

Czech Position October’s dance card at Ponec Theater is full – with the main event a reading by author Robert Fulghum. And yes, it’s dance related. Narcissism, tango, an auction … it doesn’t sound very dance-y, but Ponec Theater’s fall season is looking to be a diverse mix of dance, theater and other movement performances…. Read more »