Monthly Archives: August 2011

Hard graft in the Czech Republic

Business New Europe “Number of corruption accusations in [Czech Republic] doubles in 2010”; “Poll: Czechs consider corruption biggest problem”; “Prague’s ad campaign tender investigated for corruption” – headlines like this in the Czech media appear almost on a daily basis. Recently, however, different headlines have begun appearing: “National Economic Council unveils anti-corruption plan”; “Regions draft… Read more »

The art of sitting in Prague

Czech Position Nová Scéna by the landmark Czech national theater promotes ‘loitering’ in Prague, puts on shows with latest outdoor installation Loitering isn’t typically encouraged in city centers nor do authorities often enable loafers by giving them a place to hang around. But like a ray of sunshine in furniture form plunked down in the… Read more »

Czech puppetry tradition comes with strings attached

Christian Science Monitor Bins of body parts are stacked in Miroslav Trejtnar’s Prague studio. Three heads line his workbench. A smell of wood permeates the air. “I don’t get so many requests to make puppets nowadays,” says Mr. Trejtnar, a traditional Czech puppetmaker. “I always made puppets for myself and others, but now I am… Read more »

Prague Photographic: Chronicling a City

Czech Position Photo exhibition focuses on Prague – from every angle — with life in the Czech capital the general underlying theme Prague could be considered a photographer’s dream location. Full of picturesque corners for artsy types, there are many events for action photographers as well as a multitude of people for popular street scenes…. Read more »

Greening the Cuppa

Czech Position The Czech Green Party’s (SZ) spokesman opened the Sicily café in hopes of creating a ‘green hub’ and raising some dough for the cause A place to meet, either for business or pleasure, relax with friends, bring your children … or fund a political party. Everyone’s vision for opening a café is different,… Read more »

Petrín Tower celebrates 120 years of city watching

Czech Position The Czech capital’s answer to the Eiffel Tower, Petrínská rozhledna was completed in time for the Prague Jubilee of 1891 Officially known as the Petrínská rozhledna, the little “Eiffel Tower” on Prague’s scenic Petrín Hill has become a defining landmark of the Malá Strana skyline. Rising up through the greenery of the surrounding park,… Read more »