Monthly Archives: June 2011

Baroque Opera – It’s Fun!

Czech Position Prague Baroque Festival sings up nightly performances of some over-the-top opera along with the world premiere of one by Vivaldi Music as a tool to communicate; contrast as a dramatic element; recreating the music and drama of ancient cultures – all this sounds a bit theoretical, but in fact Baroque opera is just… Read more »

Brazil wins overall prize at Praque Quadrennial for theatre design

The Stage Brazil has been awarded the top prize at the 2011 Praque Quadrennial for performance design. The event’s international jury presented the Golden Triga to Brazil’s exhibit, saying it offered “a vivid sense of the national identity and the vital spirit of creativity that animates Brazil.” Curated by Antonio Grassi, the country’s exposition combined… Read more »

Music Festival Takes to Prague’s Islands

The New York Times The islands of Prague will be pulsating with music and pounding with dancing feet during United Islands, a free international music festival that is held on islands in the Vltava River from June 23 to 25. “United Islands is the biggest musical event in Prague with attendance of about 30,000 people,”… Read more »

Prague Quadrennial: All the world’s a stage

Czech Position The Prague Quadrennial aims to enliven the Czech capital with theater, performance, exhibitions and surprises in a variety of venues If your event only happens every four years, you need to make it pretty spectacular to remain in people’s minds for the next 1,460 days. The Prague Quadrennial bills itself as the world’s… Read more »

Prague’s Historic Golden Lane Reopens

The New York Times Last May, the most picturesque part of Prague Castle, Golden Lane, closed for one year, because of broken pipes that were flooding its pretty cottages. On June 1, the street reopened, and some of its historic buildings are housing new, artistic offerings. When the decision was made to repair the drainage… Read more »

VerTeDance: Fresh on Stage

Czech Position Czech duo’s new contemporary dance piece offers a bit of theater, a bit of zaniness, with help from Sweden’s Charlotta Öfverholm As we wind our way through the maze of warehouses, looking for the building where contemporary dance company VerTeDance is rehearsing their newest piece, Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” suddenly comes blaring… Read more »